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On 360 its hard to find lobbies for fun game modes?


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After completing the heists I'm looking to play some fun game modes on 360 but it seems like its kind of dead, is everyone on xbox1 & ps4?

I really wish I could play some team deathmatch with vehicles or anything with team vs team but whenever I look for jobs I never find anybody, and when I go into freeroam theres usually only like 1 or 2 people, I have to go through like 10 free roams before I find one with 10 people and then everyones afk

Gta5 seems like it has so much more fun to offer especially with custom jobs I mean if I could always have like 6-10 people to play custom modes or vehicle deathmatchs with it would be so awesome, how can I go about doing this?
Or is xbox 360 just like dead?

(Reason I havent got a x1 or ps4 is because Im waiting for gta5 to hit PC and Destiny seems boring so I dont see a point to getting a new console)

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I think it's because the matchmaking in this game is terrible across all platforms. You don't even get a team deathmatch up and running on the PS4. I also have the PS3 version and all I did was roam around the city and not accept invitations whatsoever. Maybe some players just don't care about competitive game modes.

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Well, there are reasons for that. First of all, as a player migrated from 360 to One, I can assure you it's not the console issue. Second, matchmaking is absolutely terrible and it's very hard to populate the lobby. Third, its the people: they want to play free roam as a big deathmatch.

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its the people: they want to play free roam as a big deathmatch.


I dont even mind just playing free roam at this point but I can never find a populated one, it keeps putting me in ones with like 2 people.

Edited by WereAlreadyInTheMatrix
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Any advice on how I can find more populated free roams quicker?

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