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Heist DLC not installing?


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yah im a little late to the party, just getting around to "attempt" to install the new Heists DLC. I say attempt because thats all i can do at this time...ive downloaded the pack, not once, twice, but three times now (at 1.07GB thats quite a long wait) And it seems to install properly each time, but whenever it is done downloading..nothing happens. I then try to log into GTA online, and it keeps telling me that i am missing one or more compatibility packs blah blah...so i go the the games store, and it is saying that ive purchased Heists DLC, but it isnt installed....is there another step that i am missing somewhere? I thought all i had to do was download it, then it would install itself...but that doesnt seem to work...can someone help plz..because i'm about to give up

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tried restarting my xbox, then attempted online again...still nothing. Checked download history, It says i have purchased the heists update. So , just how in the hell do i install it? is it just a stupid bug that rockstar is famous for, or am i just being dumb? I would really like to get online today as i havent played in a couple months!
help plz comrades, anybody....

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Are you using a 12gb PS3?


If so that's your problem :r*: mentioned about 6 months ago that once the hist drops that folks with 12GB PS3 won't be able to play online anymore.

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nope, xbox360 4GB i believe.. with a memory stick i use for all updates and what not, never had a problem like this before with updates

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Restarted my xbox again (because, what else can i do?) gave it another shot, and (surprise, surprise) it's still saying i'm missing the compatability pack that ive already downloaded 3 times...i guess this is the end of us, GTA online...for now. I'm not wasting anymore energy on you tonight. If you decide to work tomorrow, awesome...if not, then it is officially over for us
why does it have to be so stressful and difficult, to install a stupid update? and why does not having this one update stop me alltogether from enjoying GTA online? starting to bitch and moan here so ill just end it..hope someone can provide a little insight here, so i dont lose hope completely in this game...

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