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How do I change my controls?


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I want to change my controls like they were on my PS3, which allowed me to hit R1 and just shoot with my gun while driving a car and to zoom in with my sniper using the analog stick.


Anyone know how to do it?


im on the PS4.

Edited by Reemer
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In Single-Player, press Start > Settings > Controls.


Scroll down to Driveby Control Type and change Aim + Fire to Fire.. that takes care of the just shooting your gun part of your question.


You can change the shoot button from R2 to R1 by doing the following :


If you're using First Person -

  • Change "Show Controls For" to On Foot/In Vehicle (First Person)
  • Then scroll down to "First Person Control Type" to Alternative which by the looks of it, is almost if not the exact same controls as on PS3/360

If you're using 3rd person -

  • Change "Show Controls For" to On Foot/In Vehicle (Third Person)
  • Scroll down to "Third Person Control Type" and change it to Alternative

As for zooming in with your sniper with the analog just go to Settings > Controls, scroll all the way down to "Allow Movement When Zoomed" and switch it to off, that will allow you to zoom in with the analog but doesn't allow you to move around while aiming with the sniper either.


Also don't forget to change the Alternative Handbrake Control to On; on the bottom as well.


I tried it out and for some reason it just maps the drive-by button to L1 instead of R1.. but aside from that everything else is still the same way as the PS3/360 version of the game. I'll keep testing out if I can get it to R1 instead

Edited by Johan

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