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Tactical Team


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Have you ever wanted to have a realistic military or law enforcement experience in GTA online with people who actually have military rankings and positions and are stationed in places and have a actual headquarters where there is the main base of operations, we'll look no further here is the group for you!


There will be two guys in charge of the whole group that will be me and a friend of mine, then there will be officers who are in charge of teams and within teams there will be a squad leader who will take orders from officer but will also give orders to their squad and within the squad the squad leader will give you your positions in the squad.


The team will operate from the Los Santos Airport. This will provide us with isolation and a place that's open and accessible by air, land, water. The airport will be heavily defended and if people who aren't on our team interfere with affairs they will be killed. If you are entering or exiting the airport your vehicle must first be cleared, this is just an example of security that will be taken into this team.


Each team will be given a name from teams like Alpha, Bravo, Charlie. Teams will be trained with the basics from the Generals such as me and my friend and then the rest of the training that they will receive will be given by their superiors such as the officer or squad leader, but training should be regular and be difficult in order for us to be superior


Any weapons are allowed in our team but the squad leader has the right to permit only certain weapons on a job, some circumstances may not permit this action. Each person on the team will be given a Jeep Wrangler type of vehicle for joining the vehicle will be the work vehicle for when you are on duty unless another vehicle you want falls under our guidelines for our service vehicles.


A heist combat outfit is recommended due to the look of them and they camouflage in certain environments, no casual clothes will be allowed for active in-service personal unless a mission requires different clothing. Casual clothes is everything that isn't under a military, Air Force, Navy, or law enforcement categories.


If you want to join leave Xbox Gamertag below I'm currently doing Xbox One

If you have any questions I will follow this thread and check it every so often and if I don't reply message me on xbox gt is xxxsoulxxx996

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Im interested, but I'm more wondering if you have a sector for special agents? Not operating in teams, but agents working individual assignments?
Kind Regards



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