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[RFSA] Race for San Andreas [MP] [Racing]

anak regular

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anak regular



Hello guys. It's my new MP about racing. The most mission will be racing, but some mission will have drive-by and gun fights for avoid boredom. So i hope you enjoy and give some feedbacks. And about Bloody country, don't worry. It's NOT cancelled.



Roby is a professional SWAT in San Andreas and always done his job well. After serving San Andreas for years, he dissmissed and got another job that none other cops can do. His job is to sneak to the biggest Mafia in San Andreas, Blood Crime Family. The mafia leader seeing Roby's driving skill, and wants him to participate in any iIlegal race in San Andreas. Roby must win the race, do the dirty job, and gain information about criminal organisations around San Andreas.


Chapter 1 "The job that nobody can do"

Full Chapter: W.I.P.

1. Operation Trikora


2. The first Race





Rockstar games for GTA: San Andreas

Dutchy3010 and Patrick W. for DYOM

anak regular for missions

Cristiano Ronaldo 7 and Slave Boy for Headers

Edited by anak regular
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anak regular

Dude, SWATs don't do undercover jobs. Only undercover cops do.

Right, but in the second mission he dissmissed from SWAT team and recruited by undercover cops. Just wait for second mission and you'll be know.

Damn, i forgot about "he dissmissed" in description.

Edited by anak regular
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