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[Photoshop] What is wrong with my PS?

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First, apologies if this isn't the best spot. I figured I'd ask the forum as there's a few PS users here and doesn't appear to be any dedicated section or topic for support.


Anyway. A few weeks ago I started PS to do some editing and noticed that a lot of my settings were changed (completely randomly, but not my hotkeys strangely). I didn't have an overly-modified set up so it was no problem and it retained my custom styles and swatches. I've restored most of them to how I like them and no issue but ever since it seems like my text is off.


First, there's this problem where the text doesn't align properly within the box. It also makes it highlight weird because of I have multiple lines of text, the actual text is displaying higher than where the line is. You'll see what I mean in the image.




The second issue is more of someone confirming it or not. I haven't changed any settings for my font. It's still arial rounded MT bold @ 12px and my custom style (which hasn't changed). But it appears differently to me when I'm typing it in. I'm wondering if someone can tell me if there is an issue with the difference in text and how to fix it.


Before the issue:




After the issue began:




Any thoughts on my issues? If this needs to be moved let me know.

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I think this is fine in here, may as well as the people who use the program the most.


Could you have superscript turned on? This would move everything up and at a smaller size.


You could also have the baseline shifted up, make sure this is set to 0pt.



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Have you got all these settings as follows:


Style: Default (none)

Anti-Aliased: On (highlighted)

Leading: Auto

Font Style: Regular



Also the alignment should be left (default) being that you can move your text where you like anyway.

Edited by Tanto
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Got the line set up. Somehow photoshop decided to randomly apply an 8pt baseline shift. Not quite sure why, but that handled that for sure.


AA should be on. Leading's on auto. Font style is on regular.


However; somehow the tracking was at -50. Maybe that's why my text looks so different? I turned it to 0 and this is what I got. Does it compare to the "before" text?



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