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Ps4 rockstar servers unavailable again?


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right when i'm about to finish the EMP set up as well

no hydra for me

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Im on 360, and it keeps telling me "failed to host a session"


even when I try and join instead of host

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Wonder if there doing some background work to fix some of the hiest issues.


Tbh I'm giving the game a bit of time to settle down after an update of this size, I think it'll be weekend before stuff is 100% stable again

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Must be a prime playing time for someone, somewhere in this crazy world. Things should be better in about 2-3 hours.

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same here... Every f*cking time by this time of the day in Eurupe ... -.-

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Same. Thought we would be done with this after the maintenance last night and the servers started to seem better last night too

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So.. i literally JUST finished the Fleeca job for the 2nd time, we did it perfectly. I didn't even take any damage!



and then as it's loading the pointless bar celebration scene, "Lost connection to host, returning to story mode"






Now i'm just in the clouds and it keeps saying "This session is full of players, return to GTAOnline"


lol wtf.. i am TRYING to return to GTAOnline...

Edited by Nick930930
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GTA Forums User99521

FFS finally finished everything I had to do and was about to jump on to play some heists.This is a disgrace that 18 months and over 500 days later a multi billion dollar company cannot provide good quality servers for their customers

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A Maned Wolf

It's 4:45 EST.

Everyone is coming home from school atm.

It will calm down around 8-9 tonite.

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I've been playing, done Fleeca twice and haven't had any issues, not even a Saving Failed.

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Same on PS3. Non stop loading issues, server failure etc.


18 months... they knew the issues after GTA Online was launched. They didn't do anything to prepare the servers for this by looks of it.

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I was able to join a session, but was unable to start a heist. It says job failed to download =(

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