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Any producers here using Logic or Fl studio?


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Hello everyone, I have FL Studio edition for my iMac and I have been having this issue which has been confusing me for quite sometime now. I do not have a lot of sound packs; just a young chop sound pack and a 808 mafia sound pack that I downloaded with a quick google search lol. It comes with many types of bass. What my real question is how do these producers make their note last longer? (Note that I play guitar as well) It seems as if they can make their notes for bass just last longer as they want to. For example, when you have your 808 set up, and you press any note, you hear it and it gradually fades away. Note that your finger is still pressed down on that note. In other words, how can I make the note last long as the same duration as my finger is placed down on the note? I just want more control with my 808's.

Here are some example's,

Chief Keef "Young Black Bruce Lee" Prod. by Young Chop


Lil Durk "U Mad ft. Lil Mouse" Prod. by Chase Davis


Lil Wayne ft. Drake "Used to"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaKeE5qkat0 -----> Specifically at 2:43 and onward.

Lastly, how do you guys make this effect where the prod. makes go left to right? Kinda like the bass is jumping around the speakers in your car or headsets. Here are examples,

Lil Durk- "Instagram" Prod. by Izzy Tha Producer

----> Specifically from 0:23 to 0:39

Sd "I do"

-----> Specifically from 1:16 to 1:20 Sounds like they are using some type of phaser effect or something.

So how can I achieve these sounds? And can you guys link me to some great 808's I can get for free? Synths would be nice too. I am trying to get a "house" genre type sound with a influences of this as well. Thanks in advance and have a great weekend/spring break!

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Mister Pink

Been years since I used FL studio. I know you could look at the note editor thingy and stretch the notes as long as you want.


The music moving from left to right is called panning.


Sorry I'm not much help.

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You're talking about the 808 kick drum, right? Considering the fact that you're using samples, the only way to make them longer is to time stretch them. And I wouldn't recommend that. If you want to work with 808 samples, just look out for better ones. You could also use a synth to recreate the bass. I sometimes use a VST called Kick - Nicky Romero edition. You can change the kick's length etc. You should look it up, it's a pretty simple plug in. Also, just noting that you can make a kick drum with basically any synth.

Edited by Ats.
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