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BUG? Can't lose cops with a passenger in the vehicle


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It seems when i'm driving a vehicle and have a passenger in with me, i can't lose the cops?


I get well out of their line of sight, yet the mini-map stays completely blue and no matter how long i wait, the cops are still looking for me.


As soon as the passenger gets out of the vehicle, i can then lose the cops as per normal.


Does this happen to anyone else? Really pisses me off.

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IIRC it's because of someone lagging in the vehicle, and it has been around for a while now. (All of this info is from here, so don't quote me on that)

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indeed , even going to the tunnel

until you split up , the wanted level will work normally ( which u can lose the cop from their sight )

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This wanted level glitch, is an old bug. I noticed it in November, so probably existed before that, and still exists through the updates to today.


It greatly affects missions like Hack & Dash. Seeing as it has still been ignored to fix, it now greatly affects heists.


I always separate everyone from the vehicle in a safe hiding spot. But I have no solution for the heists where you can't separate without failing.


It's frustrating because it's an old known issue. && you would think there would have been some attempt to fix it by now. Especially since it's potentially game-breaking on the heist.

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yeah, it's damn annoying.


I'm sure if it was related to a money glitch, R* would have fixed it months ago.

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farrrrrrrk i'm gonna smash the xbox. couldn't finish the final jail break heist, couldn't get rid of the cops and couldn't get out of the fuken plane to fix the bug. it's absolute bullsh1t.


spent almost 30 minutes flying around like dickheads for nothing. couldn't finish the mission.

Edited by ramb0
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