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360 Humane Labs Heist Start to Finish (Easy) Players Wanted


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I'm sure you're asking "Why on Easy?" It's not the fact I don't want to do it on hard, its the fact that I've done this already as a Crew Person and want to get it out of the way so I can get the next Heist (Which I'm not sure what it's called yet.)


In case you don't know, the following Items unlock after completing the this Heist.



-Armored SUV (Forgot Name)

-Armored SUV w/ Machine Gun (Pegassis)

-Rebreather (Works)

-Nighvision Goggles (Work)

-Dnygy (Boat)


This one so far is a long one.


1) Key-Codes:

All four go to a Parking Area near the Ammunation near Simeons place to pick up the Humane Labs Key Codes, one we get them, FIB show up. Take out the FIB then take the Codes back to the Leaders Appartment.


2) SUV:

All four head to the Quary to pick up the Merryweather SUV's, there are two, one has the Machine Guns. Take them to the Drop Off (At the dock on the opposite side of Trevers place)


3) Hydra:

All four head to the Dnygy and take it to the Aircraft Carrier, make your way to the top deck and steel the Hydra with the EMP. Take out the Enemy before heading to the Drop Off. (Sandy Shores.)


4) Valkery:

All four head to Merryweathers Dock (Same one from Stocks & Scares) and steel the Valkery. Take out the Enemy Choppers before taking it to Drop Off (Same place you took the Armored SUV)


5) Deliver EMP to Humain Labs

Take the SUV to the Lab, this part requires stealth and silence weapons. Eliminate the hostiles in order to get the EMP to the Garage. (Remember Chemical Extraction?) Hack the Terminal (Which not the same as you think it is) drive the SUV in then escape in the Humane Labs Truck (You don't have to attack the incoming Merryweather, just drive.)


6) Finale:

All four go to chopper. Pilot fly's to marker, wait for EMP to blow. Ground Team jump. Ground team lands in lab, take out panel and goes in. Pilot and Gunner hold off bad guys while Ground Team get files. Once they got Files they head through pipes (Like the Story Heist but Backwards) and don't forget your Rebreathers. Once out on beach, signal Pilot. Pilot picks up Ground team. Take out remaining Enemy Choppers before heading to drop off.


More than likely will get 100K for this, not to mention payout for each setup. I'll give more to each crew than myself, don't mind.


I'll start this heist at 4pm Central Time tonight. So send me a Message/Freind Invite. If you've done this one already that's even better.


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