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PS3 Heists today


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So i've got the day off and want to play some heists. Looking for people with mics who play pretty serious. psn is insomniactor

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PSN M_Diddley


What was once a final slot i have now decided to expand the crew giving PS3 players a choice of crew members to play with.

We are

Crew: The Liquid
17 - 24 yrs playing on the PS3. Evenings and weekends will be majority of playing time.

Based in EU and will be organising on GMT timezone only.
Apart from heists we will regulary get together just to race mess about etc also.


PS3 users

Must have mic
Be a mature & regular player
Preferably players based within the EU as events / heists will be usually held on GMT(UK) timezone
Able to follow plans / orders. (We are relaxed about it though)
Up for a laugh

IMPORTANT: Comfortable in making communication by email or facebook in order to arrange heists/meetings only as unfortunately we do have real lives to live aswell. If you are uncomfortable with this but are willing to check the social club daily i can work with this.

NEAR FUTURE (Hopefully)
I have recently created a crew which you will be invited to become a part of.

After a month or so and considering the team is successful i will start to expand the crew in order to host regular weekend events, incluing such things as...

Car Shows
Freeroam Mayhem
Custom Deathmatches
Custom Races

If your interested please PM or add me on PSN [ M_Diddley ]
I also ask if you can tell me if you can happily meet the requirements as we are determined to make the team as easy to work with as possible.


Mic: Y/N
Age: XX
Country: XX

And anything extra!


Please note: Wont be accepting blank friend requests



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