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Saving Failed?


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The past hour or so, the servers have really been crap. They were working from 9am EST-11am EST


Now there's frequent disconnection, lobbies emptying out, and now a consistent "SAVING FAILED" message. Anyone else currently have the "SAVING FAILED" message?

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Ugh.. so am I basically stuck in GTAOnline now until it says save successful?


I don't want to leave during this outage and end up losing my entire character or something stupid.

Edited by Nick930930
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West coast has been horrible all day. Cleared up a bit last night around 10pm, but I'm guessing that's cause east coast and central were logging off.


As of now, "failed to save" errors are all over the place, people are getting disconnected left and right, and its not even worth trying to do heists. If you manage to play one all the way through, without someone getting dc'd, it doesn't save. So if you leave or DC, when you log back on, its like you never played the heist.


Best bet is to do solo, and call up Simeon to kick off a mission marathon. So I can afford to buy back the Merryweather Jeep, the bastards stole from me, so the could sell it back and try to get me to buy shark cards...


87k stock, so I'm guessing around 300k to get back what I had. Then another half mil for the armored car, which is bad ass.


On a side note: wish they added a fully armored option for more vehicles at LSC... An armored buffalo s would make a bad as heist vehicle.

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