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GTA Online Videos

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Check me out as I explore the depths of the ocean invincibly http://youtu.be/XX8zB1N7igg

Completely fan made. I rarely make topics, but this video was so good, I hope R* sees it and utilizes some features mocked up in this trailer.    

I posted my jet sticky video on here already. But I've since created a new one which is basically the old one with a few more good kills added to it. Enjoy...    

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A GTA Online PS4 Short Compilation

The latest GTA Online compilation of the past few weeks on the battleground // The Purge .OTG. // PS4

Edited by Rwande
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Guys i am starting to upload videos to my YouTube channel.


No i am not advertising I am asking for constructive criticism.


Is this good for a start? What else should I do? Do you guys have any ideas for me?


Please be honest.


This is in the Online section because the kills are online!





Edited by RiseAgainBH
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A crew of people who really value their K/D ratio invited me because I had a good one. So I decided I will try to lure them all into one place at the same time, but after killing a few members, I need to rebuild the trust, or the plan won't work.



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GTA Online VICE | Episode 2


Johnny Maldini is back with another shot of glitz and a chaser of style, Vice style!



Edited by Harperlarp
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Hey guys, I am not sure if this is allowed but I cannot see where it actually violates any forums rules.


I have recently been making some new Money Glitch Method videos.


The technqiues are primarily the same from misson to misson.


You kill cops with a high 5 star rating, lose the cops in a glitch and then complete the mission which gives you a payout of 18k - 25k and 3k rp to 7k rp in total.


Here are those videos:







Now I was wondering if other then these 4 missions if you all know of any other missions because honestly after making over 1.6mill to finally buy my Rhino tank doing these above methods I am bored to death of these missions and would like to spruce it up with something new.


Any help would be great guys!

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