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GTA Online Videos

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Popular Posts

Check me out as I explore the depths of the ocean invincibly http://youtu.be/XX8zB1N7igg

Completely fan made. I rarely make topics, but this video was so good, I hope R* sees it and utilizes some features mocked up in this trailer.    

I posted my jet sticky video on here already. But I've since created a new one which is basically the old one with a few more good kills added to it. Enjoy...    

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Sup guys, I'm new to the GTA V forums. I make GTA V videos on my YouTube channel Crazy Nation 88, along with other games. These are the GTA V funny moments episodes I've uploaded so far, more soon to come.


Episode 1:



Episode 2:


Episode 3:

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Hey guys, if any of you are interested in a hardcore playstyle.. my free roam public lobby murder spree videos might be to your liking! Working on the channel, brand new.. but check it out! I cause chaos mostly on the street bike, but I occasionally jump in a buzzard or jet when necessary. No armored cars. No tanks. No glitches. Free aim, and maybe some lock on later but I'm enjoying free aim at the moment.





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So i was playing online (xboxone edition) this morning and came across this little beauty , none other than RIHANNA selling her body in the desert , so of course i had to oblige

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This was, without a doubt, the WEIRDEST survival I had ever played. It started out normally, like any other survival, then the game decided to take me on an acid trip of glitches halfway through the job. Felt like I was in The Walking Dead.



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I decided to have a play with the PS4's SHAREfactory app, and ended up doing my first stunt montage. I've only been doing it a few months, so be kind :)



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ahaha i recorded this a couple days ago on the XB1.
Looks like the buzzard went to get a triple kill on those 3 by the car while i just took control of the whole situation!

I thought it was pretty funny, decent clip to for Free Mode where there isn't that much action!



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Ok seing as my last parkour video got a good reception me and the guys made another but with a special guest, hope you guys enjoy this


GTA Online First Person Parkour , with Peter Griffin


#gta5 #gta5online #petergriffin #GTAOnline #parkour #insane

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