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Contact Missions all gone after update


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Same here. As well as all my job completion stats. I had all races, all missions, and about 95% of every other type of job checked as completed. Now everything is unchecked and all missions are gone.

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Yep just got this now as well. PS4. I go to Jobs, select Rockstar Created Jobs, scroll down to Missions and it's empty except for message, "You have not unlocked missions".


All other job types are fully populated.


I call Lester for a job and he says he has nothing available. I called Martin and got one of his jobs. Finished it and the new screen for selecting a new mission had every other type of job except Contact Missions. I selected Random Mission (as it had the mission star on it) and ended up with a LTS job.


This was working for me ok last night (Post heist update). So I assume this is an online server glitch.


I considered it might be because I had the 2-player training heist unlocked and the ready to start in my condo (green house icon on map). So I called Lester and selected Cancel Heist. The heist cancelled and the green icon disappeared, but still no missions.


/shrug....first day problems. Off to report it to R* support site.

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The same deal on my ps3 with an empty contact mission list. I called Gerald and played a couple that played ok. Rooftop Rumble from Martin played with out issue. Howerver the mission where you have to hack a gate lock to steal 2 cars did not work as pressing on the d pad would not start the hacking . My character would just turn and walkaway.


The flare gun is fun and the ammo is cheap. Should be fun for lighting up the store clerks and in Boneyard survival.


Hopefully most of the bugs with the heists dlc get worked out soon.

Edited by jazzbone
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I'm having the same issue on PS3, all Rockstar created missions are gone after the heist update.It says you haven't unlocked any missions...wtf, hope this is a temporary problem. I reported it to Rockstar support, just wait and see what happens.

Edited by StarFyer
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I'll check later on XB360. I haven't played a contact mission in like a week.

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