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Empty Planning Board


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I did all three Prison Break setups earlier today, and I had planned on doing the heist later, as in NOW, but by PLANNING BOARD IS EMPTY! WHAT DO I DO?!

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Switch to SP, log out, or something. I had the same problem, but it was just a bug.

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Ditto, seems to be fixed now. I think it must have been a buffer rockstar implemented to keep people from starting heists so they could modulate the servers, although thats just a guess.

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I've been getting this aLL day. Couldn't even complete the first heist.

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today i manage to get to the 3rd stage of the prison break... too bad the cloud felt like kicking me out, causing the mission to fail.


on top of that it took a good 5minutes for the instructions to load once mission started. we had no map, nothing, we waited a bit, then the map appeared and we received a. all with the instructions.


while i like the "one person diemission fail" thing, they should make that optional, i mean im sure they are aware of how unrealiable their servers are, you can be doing everything right, the cloud have a hiccup, someone gets disconnected and mission fail.


they should make it like normal and hardcore mode.


normal mode, if a player dies that mean more responsability and work for the remaining members.


hardcore mode, its like we have now, either everyone makes it or no one does. add a little cash bonus for the "extra difficulty" and done.

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Happened to me also. But when i tried to enter again, they tried to charge me 54k AGAIN.

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This just happend to me! I completed all the setup missions earlier then turned my game off. Now when i go to my planning board it lets me scroll around but nothing is there. OP have you still got the same issue? Can anyone help


Edited by GTAV92
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