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Is anybody able to get Online right now?


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I'm on PS4


I downloaded the update before work this morning and it was fine


Can't get on at all now

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Whenever I try to join a heist from someone, it sometimes says "player session is full, do you want to join a queue"? or "R* services unavailable, please return to SP", so i'm taking a break from it now and trying again tomorrow

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I havent been able to get on all day.


Now I can join online but get kicked out after 10 seconds everytime "Unable to connect to rockstar game services"


f*ck SAKE!

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i can tell you in about 3min since im downloading the update



Nop i cant f u r*

Edited by fiebru787
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Turkish Turketarian

I'm on PS4 and currently have no problems getting on. Trying to host a heist with randoms using auto invite though and not getting any players...

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I'm in a heist lobby waiting for three other players on X360 right now. Its taking ages though.

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I'm getting "Failed to host a GTA Online session" when I attempt to launch Online. Supposedly, there are problems with Xbox Matchmaking for both the 360 and One and on top of that is Rockstar Services being down.


This Heist launch is a disaster.

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Downloaded it yesterday around 9:30 pm hawaii time and got to jump on. Unable to jump on all day today. Says something about files are missing. Least I finally got to get my all black leather jacket so I'm happy

Edited by Claude jr
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I was online for about 20 minutes after downloading the Heist update. I bought some new clothes, and started the first heist, but then..

''The Cockstar game services are unavailable right now.
Please return to Grand Theft Auto V.''

I guess I'll be watching the final season of Sons of Anarchy instead!

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yeah, it was a mess. But I got the first heist done (surprised to see it was only two people...)


Overall, pretty anticlimactic. But, I'm guessing they get better along the way.

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Gutted! Can't say much more than that. It was working flawlessly this afternoon. Nothing now

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line of chop

Its pissing me off so much i feel like picking up a burner and rob a bank in real life.

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Nope, but I'm happy with the amount of time I got to play. Got to try all the new vehicles so I can't complain.

Hopefully Rockstar stabilises the servers tonight.

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I downloaded the update when it dropped and went to sleep (tried out the drive-by controls).




I haven't been able to connect all day.

At least I have xbox live back now.



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I'm having trouble accessing Online

All consoles are under a "limited" access as of right now.

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Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded from the Rockstar Games Service.


It was nice while it lasted. Will probably be playable again in a few days. I can wait a few days more...

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yello cactus

I just cleared my system cache (360) and it worked first time.
(Thank you bigd557 for the info)

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