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Map in SP now covered with Fog of War since Heist Update


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I've only been playing GTA V for a few weeks now but uncovered all of the map - popped the achievement - but as of this morning 3/10/15 my map is concealed, except for the icons where I've been, races won, property purchased. Otherwise all roads and map are covered with Fog of War.


It's not a huge deal but just wondering if I'm the only one scoring this jackpot.

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It s already 3rd October 2015 for you???


couldnt resist

Edited by DS 17
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i have no problems yet. it's like everyone has his own problem.

this is like the gta online launch, but this time i could play gta online, whereas on lastgen i barely played online.

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It s already 3rd October 2015 for you???





No 10th March 2015... It's 3/10/15 in United States and in Germany it's 10.03.2015. Deutschland hat TT/MM/JJJJ und USA hat MM/TT/JJJJ...

Edited by t-p-d-a
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however for me it restarted my social club, aka it showed things like added john marston as parent, character transfer etc.

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Yeah, Random, I had a similar issue when I jump in the car and it told me to press A to HIDE - ya, thanks.

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that's a new feature rockstar added i guess. it can come in handy when annoying people are driveby-ing you.

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