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Heist Problems


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Ok so I've just spent the past hour playing the prison break heist with some randoms and here's the verdict:


- punishing the others for somebody's inadequacy is absurd. It took ten tries of this heist before someone stopped dying halfway through but even then he tried to jump on the gun of the buzzard at the end of the mission so it said I killed him and the mission failed.


- it's BS that the host gets 55% of the cut whereas the other three get 15% of the cut!


Aside from that it's fun. Share your gripes below.

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I think that money should be dulled out after the finale, however then i guess heist leader can just say he gets 100% which wouldnt be fun or fair... Also, ive played prison break and the fleeco ones, and ive seen people driving the HVY Insurgent from the Humane labs, is there a way to more or is it just a waiting game?

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I have done the Fleeca bank setup missions (both) 5 times. It crashes right after the setup is complete. Its crap that I can't even do 1 heist, and barely connect to GTAO after all this waiting. All I want to do is buy a frikkin Karuma!

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When I walk into the room in my apartment that allows me to start a heist it tells me on screen that Heists unlock at rank 12, i am currently rank 133 yet the game is acting like im below rank 12??? Am I missing something is there something I have to do to unlock the heists? I have access to all of the heist content except for the heists themselves. Any help???

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