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My experiences so far with heists.


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My experiences so far.

- Tried to answer email offline, phone froze.
- Went online, my level 188 black girl now has white skin.
- My level 320 white girl has a man face, at least in cutscenes.
- Joined a heist setup, got past the first part, job fails to download on second part.
- Tries to join another heist setup and gets a infinite loading screen.

Seriously what has R* done? This game is screwed to hell right now on PS3.



Anyone have the link to R* support so can send this to them.

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I got that phone glich too lol.


The Fleeca Job went well, I loved it, then me and my friends trying to run Setup 3 onwards of the prison break has been a pain in the ass.

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Stuff always happens the days after a DLC and this one is huge and will be glitchy.

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The servers are being flooded currently.

Edited by Snowman_GTA
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Stuff always happens the days after a DLC and this one is huge and will be glitchy.

Pretty much this lol.


I expected it so it isn't too bad.

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Ive had good luck so far. I play with randoms a LOT too. Wishing I was in a serious crew right now though.

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Commander S

Experience so far?

Chromed my custom car rims, bought some of the new clothes/masks and the flare gun, created some custom outfits, and ...got booted out of the game, twice.

Second time, my character was wearing a ski mask - took it off, and their face had been randomised. Fortunately, a quick shower reverted the glitch, and I've removed all masks from my custom outfits (and I'm avoiding using masks at the moment).

Haven't been back online yet, but might wait for a while, to be honest - wary of using masks for the Fleeca Job (...which are mandatory, so SOL there...), and likewise of further disconnects/lost progress/glitches, so at best, I'll just be dicking around in Freemode doing very little new, or ...playing something else instead until everything gets sorted out. :(

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