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Adversary Mode



20 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think?

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With the Release of GTAONLINE Heists, came many things. Including the Adversary Mode(jobs)

what is your opinion on them.

My Opinion:

its great fun, if you know what your doing.

Hasta la vista, is fun, cause its easy to squash the bikers. yet easy to lost the trailers

Sieged Mentality, the match where a team camps out defending, while the rest, go after the team, its great fun, specially if you like to use Forced+Weapons, and show of skill

Come Out to Play, a mode in which there are players that are well armed but are on foot, and have to get from point a-b, the team preventing this, is limited to only one weapon but has unlimited lives and transport


what are your opinions, within this new addition

(feel free to PM, if you believe there is a question worth asking others.)

have a wonderful GTA ONLINE experience ^-^

Edited by GTKING1st
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Ill try it out eventually I suppose but we've been waiting for heist since the game came out so tbh thats my priority

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its not always a DM(you can die in them, some are DM just specific, and others arent)

also if no one starts replying, ill let this lie with the sleeping R*'s eventually

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So then its a new form of Deathmatch then? Pass.

more like a combo of last team standing and a DM, one group of players have unlimited lives, the other group doesn't, but yeah I don't see myself playing this at all, but Achievement Hunter (YouTube channel) on the other hand? f*ck yeah I can't wait for them to play come out and play (:
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It's pretty cool but I think that Siege Mentality needs to be rebalanced. Attackers have unlimited lives, but only sawn-offs while defenders have only one life but lots of weapons. That seems fair, but the fact that there's more attackers than deffenders brings it out of balance. Despite defenders having better weapons it seems that attackers have easier job breaking the defence lines and killing the defenders and they're (attackers) the ones who usually win. The way it teams up players is also kinda weird, even teams would make this all much easier and balanced. Pretty much the same goes with Come Out To Play. Uneven teams is pretty much the only problem with these modes.

I have to say though that I love the idea of factions and outfits for the teams, like cops/holdouts, zombies/hunters, and the option to turn blips off. And the attackers/defenders aspect that is the basic premise of the mode. If it wasn't for the uneven teams, it would be pretty much perfect.

Edited by calambos
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