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Haven't been able to log in since purchase..


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Bought GTA V for PS4 couple of weeks ago, as did my friend, both from different sources yet we've both been unable to log into online.



Same error message appears, "files required to play GTA online could not be downloaded from the Rockstar Games Service.."


Online gaming working on all other games with NAT type open, i've sorted all my ports yada yada, R* support tell me to try a different disc? Not sure how that will help, but does anyone know anything else I can try in the mean time, really frustrating!



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This might not work but in some instances, people were able to overcome the error by changing the time on their PS4 from automatic to manual and then back to automatic before restarting their console and booting up the game again... it's a strange fix but normally it works.


You can also try clearing your cache (which is basically re-installing the game on PS4)


Also unlinking and relinking your Social Club, waiting 20 minutes or so and then booting up the game.


If all fails then yeah, might have to try a different disc (which I also don't see how it'll work.. but judging by my first probable solution I don't see why it's not worth trying either) or someone else can suggest a better fix.

Edited by Johan

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I have tried the time fix, I put the time manually back a minute, and then set it automatically and reset and that didn't work, is that the correct way?


Also deleted all game data and reinstalled also didn't work.



Link my social account also, but will try re linking once more!


Thanks for advice anywho

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Okay so I tried another disc and got the exact same error message, and now R* support are seemingly palming me off by telling me to contact my ISP as my upload speed is "too low" at 1.2mbs/s?


Does anyone have any other advice or anything I could do?

Edited by DoctorVictim
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