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I had an update this morning, but no word on it as of yet


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I woke up at 1:30 this morning to go to work and decided on checking to see if the Heists were available. I had a 4.75Mb download but was going to take too long before I to go to work. I still have not seen anyone post on the highest or DLC. Are you all playing and too busy to update or has it not come out yet and I was the lucky one to get it but not be able to use it?

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To long to download 4.75MB , dam your internet must suck , you should get that in about ten seconds

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Omg get TWC. #TheBestAround The XBL Store said the update was 122 MB but then I went to online and it said I needed the update for online which was 1.07 GB so either way your screwed

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Maybe gb. It was 130, still rubbing my eyes. It was big(that's what she said) I checked connection speed at 22mbs and I still had 25 minutes, so I cut it off hoping it would auto update with psp.

You mean 4.7 GB? It's the heist update and it's all over the main page http://gtaforums.com/forum/273-gta-online/

I was just looking for new posts of pics or questions and comments. I'll check it out. But I figured that was it just pissed I didn't get up earlier so I could go shopping for new cars and clothes.

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