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Tank Squad for BF4 on PS3?


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So i dont really play any FPS besides battlefield, i first got BF3 back in 2012 and quickly mastered the tanks/IFVs raising my KD/R to a solid 7.0 - if i got into a tank i could guarantee an easy 50 kills per round and usually lead my team to victory.


but as you we know, a tank is virtually a rolling death cage if there isnt someone riding in the second position defending the tank from c4 scrubs/spotting out enemies. that being said, i dont play bf3 anymore because i misplaced the disk and have since moved across the country, and recently bought bf4, im quickly learning the nuances of the new tank system in bf4, what types of main rounds work best on what maps and against what targets, how to use active protection, how to account for shell drop over long distances, and mainly, how to go head to head with enemy tanks.


ive seen the option to join a squad on BF4, or create my own, but i dont have any friends who play BF4, all my friends play GTAV lol, so im looking for a a few likeminded players who would like to start a purely armored crew, where we take turns commanding/riding shotgun in the tank and generally whooping the enemies ass back to BF3 :miranda:


leave a reply here, or pm me if youre interested so we can meet up sometime and see how we gel in the heat of battle - i promise to spot targets :p


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leave a reply here, or pm me if youre interested so we can meet up sometime and see how we gel in the heat of battle - i promise to spot targets :p

We have a dedicated Battlefield 4 Topic my friend

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