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who cared more about the other person..Michael or Franklin


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just Michael and Franklin's relationship


who do you think cared more about the other person


Did Michael care more about Franklin than Franklin did of Michael or vice versa


or did they both not give a sh*t about each other and saw each other as more of partnership/opportunity then a genuine friendship

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*Post deleted.

Edited by The7thOne


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Franklin cared much more for Mike than he did for Frank. I think that all of that talk in the B ending was just bullsh*t, since he was only saying that so Frank wouldn't kill him.

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The Dedito Gae

Michael gets overprotective about Franklin, calling him "the son he never had" defending him when Trevor messes with him on the way to the Paleto bank, protecting him in the robbery, telling him to go away when goverment presion is on , offering job and knowledge, deveoping trust out of nowhere with him and telling Dave he's just his "mechanic" when asked or F help.


I didn't saw something that indicates that Franklin cared so much about Michael,then again, the friendship is not very well developed and credible to be taken seriously, i say Michael cares more about Franklin.

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How the f*ck are you supposed to know. Was there even a relationship to begin with? Franklin literally walked up to Michael and within ten minutes they look like mates who have been together all of there lives, as if they were brothers who could depend on each other.

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American Viking

I think that Franklin cared more. He was always trying to be there for Michael and wanted a Mentor. If he didn't care, I highly doubt that Franklin would be helping Michael with the heists.



You seem to be forgetting that Michael introduced Franklin to the big money with his heists. He didn't rely on Franklin as Franklin relied on him for the opportunities, so he was helping but it benefited him to do so. Helping Michael with the FIB when he could have simply walked away showed real friendship.

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Well Franklin tried to kill M so.... Michael obviously

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