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Los Santos Hell Hounds (ps3/ps4/360/xbox1)


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Are you tired of playing alone? Are you tired of inactive crews with no structure. Are you someone looking to have fun, level up, and play with a lot of friendly people? If so then you came to the right place.


We at LSHH are an active, organized, team oriented crew. We have members of all skill levels, on all four consoles, that play all game modes and activities. LSHH was founded on September 21, 2013, and has recently undergone a reboot to ensure that all our members are active, communicating, and playing as a team. When on jobs, missions, or heists, we want members to work together and take the game seriously. When doing other activities and game modes, we are all for having fun and improving our skills while playing against each other or against other crews.


We hold numerous scheduled crew events throughout each month, and new events are being discussed. Attendance is not mandatory, but it's definitely encouraged. Attending these events or any random daily crew sessions is the best way of meeting higher ranking members and getting yourself noticed among the crew.

-Official crew events that we host include: car shows, race days, crew created job events, "above the law", and bike night. (more to come).

-Daily sessions are always going on, we send invites to any crew member who is online. Sessions may include, but are not limited to: terrorizing free roam lobbies, battling in crew vs. crew lobbies, contact jobs, races, playlists containing any mixture of game modes.


Basic Things LSHH Expects From All Members:

-must be 16 years or older

-be a team player, and play with other members when available

-NO CREW KILLING! (unless playing against each other in a sanctioned match)

-REP LSHH and only LSHH. no side crews, no alternate crews, no personal crews. We only want dedicated members. This may sound strict, but following this rule, leads to a closer, tight knit atmosphere. This keeps members active, loyal and more inclined to play with fellow members. We like getting to know each other and have a lot of fun in the process.

-there is no time requirements for playing. (we all have lives)

-there is no drew code or mandatory crew vehicle.




(link will be provided upon request to join on social club)

-It is mandatory for all members to look over the crew site when joining LSHH. Get familiar with crew rules.

-There is a calendar posted with upcoming scheduled events.

-ID ROSTERS: please friend request all members playing on your console.

-FORUM: please check out the forum an register. Get to know the crew, participate in GTA conversations, post your questions, problems, or feedback on the crew, heist planning, and voice your opinion on anything GTA related.



If you have read through this, and LSHH sounds like a crew that you would like to be a part of. Then come on over to our Social Club page, (link provided above), and request to join. I will accept all applicants from this forum. (if you have provided me with your gamertag or psn id, and what console you play on. and are currently in NO other crews)... send me a message on Social Club to speed up the process:

- dOpEy610 - LSHH commissioner


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