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Edit own thread titles


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At least for GTA Online -> Find a Lobby and Meetups
Crews & Gangs + Recruitment
sections. Makes it easier than having to ask for an mod to do it and I don't really see how it could be of harm if we had it.

Heard an opp got killed, watch me do my dance.

Got a pocket full of bills, watch me do my dance.

I just popped a pill, watch me do my dance.

Hit that nigga with the steel watch that nigga dance.

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I don't think it's possible to give permissions to the usergroups to edit topic titles only for a certain section. Lot of people will start abusing it as well or simply troll around. It's one of the good reasons why GTA:O Section, C&G and Recruitment sections have their own dedicated Staff who cover the reports pretty well. It doesn't take much longer for the reports to get handled.

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It's always good to have customisation options for members but something as minor as this would be pretty pointless to implement for only a couple of sections, and it would be easily abused if forum-wide.


It is easy enough just to report it and we'll do it for you; reports are usually dealt with as soon as they come in.


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Moderators in Forums are very Fast and accurate in their work.

If we report something and logout from forums even just for half and hour or so and then when we come back in a while; Guess what, the work is always done!!


Same is the case with Led Bys

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Perhaps we could introduce something that only allows users to edit a topic's title once every 30 days or something like that.

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30 Days would be too long. Rather someone would use the Report button.

The rule in the GFX section is a new topic could be created every 3days. So we could take it as an example and keep the limit as 7 days or a week. More than that would be useless IMO.

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Why would it be too long?


If you made a mistake after posting the topic, you could edit the title to fix it. It would be unlikely you'd need to change the title again within 30 days and if for some reason you did you could just report the topic. Chances are most regular topics would be dead after 30 days anyway and wouldn't need any more changes. For on-going hot topics, they'd be limited to the one change every 30 days.


Seems to me something like that would be the best compromise between letting everyone go crazy with it and not having it at all.

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Well since you put it that way; [allowing one change initially]

I am in. :^:

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There's no need for such complexity, if you need a thread edit, send us a report and we'll deal with it.



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