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stinger GT


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Granted other cars perform better. But for sheer looks, sound and pure car porn, the stinger GT is in a class of its own.


I've lost count of the amount of randomers that have messaged me to say how beautiful it is. Zentornos adders and vaccas are far too common. A stinger GT is rare to be seen and appreciated more

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I had one forever. Far too expensive for what it is. I sold it and my Vacca. They both look great, but are far too inferior. So I sold them back when I started running low on money.

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Inferior? I dont race mine. I just take it out for a spin and to car meets. Always turns head. One time I had a guy on a ramoage killing everything but he got out, walked around the stinger, took picture and drove off. Later he text to say it was special to see a GT these days.


yes its price is excessive but thats part of the allure and why it is so rare

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I dont mind the handling. All you need is to understand how rear wheel drive works. I dont race my GT. I just take it out cruising and always gets compliments and turns heads

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Sorry OP, R* took a big swing and a miss on the GT , The Coq classic is a better looking hardtop and the Stinger is the better looking convertible


This IS the pair you want to own





Edited by TheHammer
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The convertible stinger lacks something, other than a hard top. The coquette classic is a sweet car but doesnt turn heads as much as my stinger GT.my coquette classic sits in the corner now. Might sell it. Undecided

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I like the engine in the rear of the stinger GT. I plan on picking a stinger GT up when I get a little bit more money. I also want the monroe, the coq classic, and the Z to help fill out my sports classics collection. I already have a sabre turbo, jb700 peyote, and a tornado in my garage.

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