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Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream Truck


Recommended Posts

If there's any Twisted Metal fans on these forums, I've got a little challenge for you.

Needles Kane, often referred to as Sweet Tooth, is an insane killer clown who drives an ice cream truck, called Sweet Tooth. With this truck, he engages in Twisted Metal Tournaments, which consists of demolition derby and demolition races, which permit uses of damn near any weapon one could think of, mounted or otherwise.

Here's the killer:


The challenge is to make a homage to any one of his trucks from any Twisted Metal game over the years. I'll post the links here.


Twisted Metal 1:



Twisted Metal 2:



Twisted Metal 3:



Twisted Metal 4:



Twisted Metal: Small Brawl:



Twisted Metal: Black:



Twisted Metal: Head-On



Twisted Metal(2012):


Hell, this one can freaking transform into Sweet Bot:



If there's any one that has to guts to pull off one of Sweet Tooth's secret vehicles, here it is, Gold Tooth, from

Twisted Metal: Lost



Good luck. These vehicles ain't meant to be pretty.

Edited by aquamop15
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As much as I love that game, and this idea, I feel like people are going to rip your idea apart and end with this thread getting locked.

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Its a nice idea but I feel its quite limiting due to the vehicle choices and mods :/

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Great concept op but I don't there are any mods to come close to a Sweet tooth replica or vehicles. I think a Slamvan from tlad might be close.

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If I can find a damn white boxville I can do this.

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Would love to see someone pull this off, Twisted Metal was the sh!t.


Off topic, but how cool would it be to have a Twisted Metal style battle as an online activity. I know we have GTA races, but I'm talking about an arena style with PVs. I'll admit, that's what I thought "Vehicle Deathmatch" was going to be when I first got online.

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Suppose any black semi would work for it being "Darkside" aka Dollface's vehicle

Be seriously I need Axel's Vehicle in GTA


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Suppose any black semi would work for it being "Darkside" aka Dollface's vehicle


Be seriously I need Axel's Vehicle in GTA



That could be good for skilled drivers, horrible for un-skilled drivers.

Skilled= Unstoppable Rampage Machine

Un-Skilled=Auto-Aim Bait

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