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What happened to Chemical Extration?


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I looked for this mission a few nights ago to play and couldn't find it in the listing.


Did R* remove it? Is it cause that area is maybe part of one the heists?

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Isn't a Heist taking place there? Perhaps they disabled it to prep it for that?


Just a guess.

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Has anyone else noticed on next gen (ps4) I have never seen the Mission - Choppers tail - Not even on host a job! Its been missing since next gen

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Same thing that happened to Truck Together. No idea why since its one of the interesting ones.


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Spring Rubber

My guess is that they removed Chemical Extraction because a heist will be taking place there. Based on the way the support rep from Rockstar worded it, it sounds like Chemical Extraction is permanently gone and is being essentially replaced by the Humane Labs Heist.




As for Chopper Tail, it was broken on day one of the PS4/One release. All of the new foliage they added behind the meth lab was causing the SUV to not spawn. I, along with many others, expected this mission to return with the Festive Surprise update, but that didn't happen. Now I'm wondering if Chopper Tail is gonna be gone for good.

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In CE all your doing is hacking the garage, i fail to see why it had to be removed. i'm sure heists will take us to areas of that location we've never seen before.


Also sad Chopper Tail is gone, that was a fun missions.


We barely have any fun missions as is and R* takes away 2 of the best ones. That's R* for ya.

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senator cashed

Has Rockstar themselves ever said anything about why they removed these mission or when/if they're coming back? I kinda hate how they never say anything about this stuff, it just gets tossed out in the dead of night while no one is paying attention... Kinda like when mums say the dog "ran away", keeping the kids at bay long enough for them to forget all about it after a while

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