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[PS3] Ron Paul 400 (3/14/2015)


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GTA:O crew "Ron Paul Warned Us" is proud to present the Ron Paul 400, a 400 kilometer (250 mile) race which is part of what we hope becomes a yearly tradition where we host a very long endurance race on March of every year. (This will be our 2nd annual endurance race of reasonable length.) We anticipate that this race will last just under 3 hours in length. The race will begin 3/14/2015 7:30 PM EDT (3/14/2015 11:30 GMT). hairybones1997 has created an intricate 25 mile track for the event, featuring a good mix of daunting technical sections, roaring fast straightaways, and beautiful scenic views through the heart of downtown Los Santos and rolling mountains of northern Los Santos county.


Last year's race had an extremely high turnout (14 people started the race; 10 people were present at the finish, and 6 people finished.) and we expect a turnout just as high for this one--15 people have already signed up!


Full details for the event are available here:



Here's a link to the job we will use for the event:



Race settings are as follows:

Job: Ron Paul 400 (by hairybones1997)

Type: Normal

Laps: 10 (25.02mi x 10 laps = 250.2mi = 402.6 km)

Class: Super

Traffic: Off

Wanted Levels: Off

Weather: Current

Time of Day: Current

Slipstream: On

Catchup: On

Custom Vehicles: On


If you are part of a respected crew known to race clean and wish to join, please drop a reply and we will attempt to get you a slot in the event. Participating in the event does NOT require membership with RPWU, but participants are expected to abide by RPWU racing standards during the race, and we are only admitting into our race people who we believe can abide by these standards.


Thanks in advance for choosing to participate with us!


Want to see a walkthrough of the track? Watch the video below:


Want to see footage of the endurance race last year? Check out the videos below:




Edited by BIGGamerer
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I read all the rules and drove the track myself. I really want to do the race, but I have no crew to vouch for me. All I can really say is race with me anytime (PSN = Tuesdy) and you'll see I am clean and play with integrity. I have a mic. I won't quit, I won't complain about another car crashing into me, I don't mind the rain and I have the patience to organize full lobbies. I will conform to any dress code and car customization rules.

Edited by Tuesdy
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Okay, I'll get you a slot in the race. See the PM I'll send you in a bit for a few last-minute details.


EDIT: Can't send the PM, so I'll disclose the details below.


The slot you're being given is a third-priority slot. If other people sign up, there's a chance you may not be able to participate in the event. (We give higher priority admission to RPWU members and members from other crews who we wish to invite to the event.) I'm closing sign ups on 3/12/2015 11:59 PM EDT and I will let you know soon after that date whether or not your spot in the event is guaranteed.

Also, it is RPWU policy that any non-RPWU member caught violating the rules will be permanently banned from participating in future events hosted by RPWU. The rules themselves aren't too crazy, just race clean and try to win. Bring your best custom car too--I've been talking with other participants and most favor the Zentorno for this race.


BTW, if you're interested in joining RPWU following the conclusion of the event send me or hairybones1997 (crew leader) a message and we'll send you an invite.

Edited by BIGGamerer
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In light of possible server issues on the day of the event we've posted 3/21/2015 7:30 PM EDT as a backup date for the event if things go wrong. We are still planning to run the race on 3/14/2015 7:30 PM EDT. Participants intending to attend the event should give plenty of time (30-60 minutes before the start of the event) to allow for downloading the heist update and dealing with possible server issues on the day of the event.

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Sign-ups are technically closed now, but we have 1 empty slot still up for grabs if anyone wants to claim it.


EDIT: And it's gone! Sign-ups are now closed.

Edited by BIGGamerer
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Who won? I got disconnected two and a half hours into the race with less than 2 laps to go. There was 4 of us in position to win it. Any interest in a 2 lap (no catchup/slipstream) race? We can call it the Rand Paul.

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