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Recommended Posts


(PS4)Are you the type of unicorn that likes to ride of into the sunset? If so this crew is fit for you!

Now Recruiting!

Hi! :catspider:

My name is flamingpsycho and I'm searching for the just the right kinds of unicorns! Because of the upcoming heist dlc coming to gta online my friend(litteBIGlouie) and I are looking for new people to join our crew. I should state first and foremost that we are NOT,and are not looking for, the best of the best or any "MLG" players ( :panic: we ain't about that life :panic: ). What we are looking for are people to have fun with and pull off heists. So if your looking for a crew because you don't have one or you are just looking for a new crew we are here and we are not going anywhere.



  • must be on PlayStation4 (we also ain't about that xbox life)
  • must have a mic
  • must be at least level 25(there may be an exception to this one if your chill enough unicorn)

crew application





rank in gta:

time zone:

are you a unicorn(yes/no)?:

anything you want to say?:

personal message me or email me at

[email protected]

social club link


Edited by flamingpsycho
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social club: amira2468



Rank 88

Eastern time zone

Idk if I'm a unicorn, how do I check?


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username: austinr9514

socialclub: austinr9514

PSN: ASR9514

age: 19

rank in gta: 22

time zone: eastern

are you a unicorn(yes/no)?: f*ck with me and you get the horn

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username: davey1700

socialclub: davey1700

PSN: nsekhon96

age: 15

gta rank: 72

time zone: i think eastern

are you a unicorn?: yes

anything you want to say?: I'm jus tryna chill and do heists I hope u guys don't get too "horny" (unicorn joke) idk i may be too young who cares


also i joined this website just to reply to this jus sayin

Edited by davey1700
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What time zones are you guys in? And what times are you normally on?

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username: Futuar

socialclub: Futuar

PSN: Futuar

age: 24

rank in gta: 65

time zone: GMT +1

are you a unicorn(yes/no)?: Yes

anything you want to say?: Neigh

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