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If there were a map/terrain editor, what would you make?


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Pretend that there's a terrain editor, either released by R* or modders. You can make any kind of landmass in the game, any vegetation, and you can place any buildings or other assets from the map wherever you want. But they have to be from the GTA V map, nothing original.


What would you make?

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I think personally I'd make a 1:1 recreation of Greenvale from Deadly Premonition. I love the northwestern look of Paleto Bay and I wish they would have done a lot more with that area

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A beautiful underground cave with water, with an entrance only from underwater, similar to on the movie "Tourists" (a really long scarey trip underwater so when you reach the cave you barely have any breath left)

Edited by Vertighost
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Konata Inoue

I would make something like Catalina Island as well as a few other islands. It feels like R* forgot about them.

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I would make a huge desert with mesas, cacti, rocks, dunes, yeah, stuff like that.


It must look devoid of civilization.

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we should also be able to upload the map/terrain like we can do missions online.

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Push Chiliad and Josiah further out for more flat land between the mountains and the Alamo Sea, so just like the real Salton Sea, it's sitting in the middle of nowhere. Extend the Grand Senora Desert further east, extend Paleto Forest region so it's larger and more akin to an actual forest. Raton Canyon could also do with some work. It takes no time at all to bike from one side to the other.

Edited by HoleInTheSky
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...Wait...are you those guy, one of the bosses from Final Fight Capcom beat'em ep?...

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Add some snow on Mount Chiliad and a private island to venture off.

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Maybe a recreation of Carcer City and Anywhere City. I'd also create my map from my concept called Grand Theft Auto: San Diego which by the way is NOT based in the San Diego of California. I need to change the name.

Edited by ManularChimera
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Liberty City.


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ABCDOGGY ginette

Creating another city with buildings that are already in the game will just make another city that looks just like Los Santos. So instead of creating another city, I would make a proper Los Santos by expanding much of the residential neighborhoods present in the game.

What I'd do:

- Extend South Los Santos to the south, east, west and north. Those houses in the ghetto all looks the same so duplicating them would not be a problem.

- Extend East Los Santos to the east and south. Continuing the industrial theme but adding some residential areas.

- Extend East Vinewood and Mirror Park to the east.

- Extend Vespucci to the west and south.

- Extend Rockford Hills to the west and north.

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King Vercetti

I would either make a new island to the northwest with a pretty thick forest area and very little civilization, or a new mountain area far north that was snow capped and felt like it was isolated and scary (like the area north of Talk Trees in RDR).

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Minus 10 points for anyone that mentions SF or LV.

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Signatures are dumb anyway.

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Watching people post these ideas took me back to a couple of months before release in the landmarks thread, good times.


Personally i'd add a paleto sized town to the north west and a small island with a city 1/6 size of LS.


I like the idea of a 'hard to reach' cave though mentioned further up, that would be awesome

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Lelouch The Zero

Willamette Mall and Fortune City from the Dead Rising games. If that's even possible if there were an editor.

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I would create an area similar to Place Beyond The Pines (not sure the location). Lots of small towns and forests. I really want a small town GTA, give us 20 small towns spaced out over a massive map. I'll take that any day over any previous map.

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Attempt to make my town in Australia. Only because there's barely any open world games that are based on Modern Australia. Seeing a game version of my town / Australia would definitely add more playable hours to the game if not days!

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Feel free to post anything on this thread only if its related to the Mesa. Stay on Topic.

They haven't fixed the existing bugs in creator, so I imagine adding more things that might go wrong in there, would be a bad plan.





Things just get crazy and some who have played a long time learn not to trust anybody doing fishy stuff. For instance, yesterday I just came out of my garage on foot and saw two guys coming over immediately in a Buzzard. I prepared with the homing launcher just in case. The flew past me and then started to turn around and descend towards me. Hmm, are they coming over a for a friendly chat or are they trying to get a bead on me? Doesn't matter, because I decided to let loose a rocket and blew them both up and then we had a battle on the ground for a bit. It's just the nature of free mode. Trust no randoms.

I always let people get the first swing. They could of been trying to pick you up to do something cool. I know I've tried picking up randoms before. So for this instance, you should of waited to see if they were actually trying to pick up you, but once they open fire/kill you, then retaliate. It's really not going to hurt you any and if everybody was to have this attitude, I think FM would be a bit better.


Yeah, I get that too. I usually don't take the first shot, but I always at least get a weapon ready. In this case, I dunno, just had a bad feeling about these guys, the way just wheeled around toward. They weren't coming down as much as the pilot was pivoting around in the air, you know, like he's trying to level out to take a shot. Lol, not a big deal to me. I've had a bunch of fun times with randoms too, so it goes both ways.

I hope at 12 am.

It expand the Davis and rancho residential area and add more houses and apartments. I would make it almost as large as the actual south central/east LA area. I would also make the GTA v version of long beach.

Edited by SmokesWithCigs
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Create a real, huge desert with some huge rocks or even mountains, some cacti, desert trees or tree remains.. and maybe a long ass road.


You cant call V's desert a desert..

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