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Need tips on getting people to join my custom races


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Anyone here know the best way to get as much random people to join your custom race as possible?


I created this really neat map that allows up to 16 people. One time I started up the race and it filled up incredibly fun. The race was so fun, and despite it being a ten minute long race around the whole map, not a single person quit the race.


My question is, what's the best way to get people to join my race? How do include myself in the random races list for people on call?


Is auto inviting the best method to get people to come? Tips, please.

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Name the race something like $10000000000 and RP, people join those pretty quick.

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Name the race something like $10000000000 and RP, people join those pretty quick.

That doesn't work for me. Is there a specific way to allow people on call for races to be eligible for your race?

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Well when your on call for a race any race that is open you can join (land air or sea) so the I guess your best bet is to join a full lobby and invite everyone from the lobby and hope that some ppl join.

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I usually start by inviting all in lobby 1st then immediately After loading symbal stops invite , skill matched players ,give that a 30 seconds or so to invite everyone , then repeat again if no one or few are joining ,now this is where invite system has become a little f*cked up , if you keep spamming those 2 options then press auto invite , it usually glitches by blocking all 16 invited players from lobby or skill matched , once auto invite is pressed and icon shows loading , turn on and off repeatedly every 30 secs or so ,


But of you are seriously into creating and have a knack for it , join a creator crew ,and get to know the regulars on creator forum

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I just found out that if you switch matchmaking from open to close and back to open it will restart your invite timer. People may drop out because it's taking too long however it will guarantee that you can wait it out if you choose!

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What console are you on? I'd be happy to race you on ps3 (if we ever get to meet, I'm not online at the same time always)

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