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Is it my connection?


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Trying to figure out what's up with my connection. Here's the situation:


Cable: Comcast

Hardware: Comcast wireless modem (new)



PS4 hardwired

PC harwired

Printer wireless (rarely used, off)

laptop wireless (rarely used, off)

ipad wireless

Plasma tv wireless



27.006 download

1.456 upload

21 ms ping

2 ms jitter

0% packet loss


I get numbers like 2.4 download/.09 upload when using PS4 with wireless and it's about 9 feet from the modem. I get 23 download/1.5 upload when hardwired.


The problem is I keep getting disconnected from games. In GTA5, I would enter a session with 25+ people and then a few minutes later every one just leaves and I'm alone. It happens in every session I join. People are also skipping about all over the road when I drive close by and it's impossible to follow anyone since it seems they crash but then disappear and reappear a mile away. Feels like I'm losing connection every second or two.

When playing Plants vs Zombies my character would get all jittery and scrambled when I get close to another player and it just gets stuck. Plus it takes forever for anyone to join my match that I start, and sometimes they never join till late. I always join other matches in the beginning or early 1-3 levels but no one can ever join my match until really late or at the end of the game.


Streaming HD quality vids is a hit or miss on netflix or youtube on any device. It would change from HD to SD for a couple minutes and then back to HD throughout the film.



I have a feeling it's my wireless modem since I had zero issues with their regular modem+my router setup that I used the past couple years but the test results say my connection is fine. I don't know what's going on.


Any suggestions?


Comcast is visiting this saturday to check things out.

Edited by muddeprived
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  • 4 weeks later...

Turns out it was the god-awful modem that comcast supplies. I got a factory refurbished SB6121 modem on Amazon for $45 recently and installed it today. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Here's how bad comcast wireless modem was:


Comcast wireless modem via PS4 wireless connection:


Download: 2.3 mbps

Upload: not even ONE mbps.


New Motorolla modem with Belkin N300 Router:

Download: 19.5 mbps

Upload: 4.0 mbps


And for the hell of it, actual hard-wired connection:



Download; 24 mbps

Upload: 4.2 mbps


Motorolla + Belkin:

Download: 29mbps

Upload: 5.9 mbps


I noticed that streaming vids is crystal clear and smooth compared to skipping and HD-SD switchback. NICE!



I'm saving $10 a month on my cable bill as well, which means the new modem will pay for itself in 5 months.


What's funny was I did not think about my buddy's situation when I was trying to diagnose my issue. He had the exact same wireless modem in his house and always got disconnected or had lousy wireless service until he switched to verizon. That damn wireless modem screwed him over too.



Do yourself a favor if you have comcast cable services: BUY YOUR OWN MODEM on amazon.

Edited by muddeprived
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