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Heists Free Agents Topic [Playstation]

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  • thegrac


  • Adeel007


  • RmpTebow15


Top Posters In This Topic

Popular Posts

No one will give you 30%.

Not directed at you / anyone in particular but is this an excuse to talk to strangers and people you don't know? Heists can be done without any communication just fine. I notice people who frequently

I don't know what you've been smoking, but I'd lay off it for a while. You should ask for no more than 20%, anything extra is a bonus. Guns and Ammunition aren't going to cost you an extra 10%.    

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PSN - Cross9698

Level 53, still pretty good considering not a high level like in the hundreds.

Any position would suit me.

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Created this crew just for this thread. Its easier if we all put on the same crew tags when your on and you specifically want to play Heists. If you want to play something else, dont put the tags on. I only have a handful on my Friends list, as I dont want my friends list going off every few seconds when people log in and out. Being in a crew is easier. If you see them wearing the tags, you know they want to get their Heist on.

HEIST Team 9

http://rsg.ms/e8657d8Oh, and Im a

10/10 Wheelman

10/10 Pilot

5/10 Gunman

?/10 Hacker


Great idea. If your doing this on xbox one then I'm in. A crew just for heists is perfect just gotta make sure it's reliable people joining. But xbox GT: somewhtguy

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PSN - clyne4

I'm good with any job.


Currently level 161 and I've been playing GTAO since release. Only looking for serious teammates that are actually willing to play the heists properly.

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System-ps4 I am a level 140 with a 1.46 kd looking for a heist team. Must have mics. I'm down to play any game types as well although I prefer missions. Adtrisbest is my psn

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Luna 51


PSN: Lunas1172.

I'll do anything but I prefer to be a Driver Gunman (I doubt I'll be a good hacker or pilot).


Received too much messages.

Edited by s2n vaniish
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GT: zombiedude2015

xbox one

im ok with any position and will stay with the same crew.. im trying to earn the bonus cash money and is available for any crew so far.

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Looking for 1 person to join our heist team on PS3. The three we have are going for the "don't die" bonus and plan to play all heists together as the same team.


We are Brazil and USA so will be playing about 1700-2000 EST. Looking to communicate with an English or Portuguese speaking player. The three of us are very experienced and constantly cooperate through mic. We already have a set host.


Trolls and saboteurs, disregard this message. We can fill the fourth position easily, but want someone who isn't going to run in enemy fire and die. Positions will be discussed once we plan the heists. If you are serious about this, and our available time suits you, PM me on ChumpDelux (PSN).


(I'm also on ps4 but will handle that later.)

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Searching people who needs someone or wants to teamup for the heist bonus.

I live in austria but i could play also with people from usa or where ever you live,but i have to say i dont talk english that good but it shouldt be a problem for me.

Driver 8|10

Pilot 10|10

Gunman 6|10

Edited by wildmutt1654
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Magister Zephyr

GT: Magister Zephyr

Platform: Xbox One

Social Club: sdpenguin


Looking for a crew to work on getting the Criminal Mastermind bonus.


I don't mind doing any position but I consider myself a good driver and pilot. All my stats are leveled up and I am level 73.

I live in the US on the East Coast and on some occasions I would get on late depending on what is going on with my classes. (college)

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Gamertag: dlea555

Platform: XBOX One

Location: UK

Time Available: Mon-Fri 6pm-12am / Weekends Most of the day

Rank: 232


Happy to play any role including heist leader. I have got gold stars on all flight school missions and mainly play contact missions.


I am looking for a good UK based crew who will be willing to try and work towards all heists and any associated achievements, awards and challenges (including Criminal MasterMind)

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PSN: theaimpolice4

Rank: 230+...ive lost track exactly

preferred role: gunman or hacker

Time Zone: eastern standard time (but frequently play odd hours)


i like to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. I am also anti-troll

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XBL Username: RaKuuShi
I don't really mind what position.

Rank: 164

Time Avaliable: Between 17:00 and 21:00 GMT Weekdays

Between 9:00 and 21:00 GMT Weekends

Edited by PandaFury
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ANY, I'm flexable, but would probably prefer Driver


Im available most nights/evenings + Weekends *8pm - Midnight EASTERN*

Edited by HC271CA
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The Lonesome Drifter

Console: Xbox One


GT: PM me for details


Available times: Usually between 5:30PM and 11:00PM on weekdays (GMT timezone). Weekends may differ.


My rank: 202 (have max health, all unlocks, etc)


My cut: 8% minimum, not truly fussed otherwise.


Speciality: Sniper and Helicopter pilot (can fly jets and drive cars/bikes well, but not my speciality). Am also skilled with free aim and 1st person, if the leader wants to do a heist with any of these factors.


Perks: Own every available Pegasus vehicle so far, and have enough money to buy new vehicles once heists are officially released. Also have every weapon available with max ammo, so I'm always prepared no matter the situation.


Have a mic?: Yes I do :) but you'll require a mic also to keep ourselves informed during the heist.


Msg me if interested :)

Edited by The Lonesome Drifter
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Console: PS3.

Username: Jumpingkentflash

Position: Shooter (Or "Canon Fodder" if you like).

Level: 104 (Stopped caring about levels after level 100).

Age: 33.

Playing GTA since: The first GTA.

Headset: Yes.

Crew: Street Fighting Men.

From: Denmark (Europe).

Can play: During European evening time.

Guns: I have all that's unlocked for my level fully upgraded.

Properties: Del Perro (High End), Hangman Ave (6 cars) and Del Perro Boulevard 2 car garage.

Preferred vehicle: MW Mesa for missions and crew stuff, and anything else for all other activities.

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Hi all,


Seeking a Heists crew with mics, not with screaming 10 yr olds though.


Location: England

Platform: XBox 1

XBL Live GT: Logic Vortex84

Position: Any - decent at all

Apartment: High End

Online Times: Weekdays GMT 18:00-22:00 - Weekends 11:00-22:00



Thanks guys



Edited by Dannyukxbox1
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At work at the moment, I'll promote those who have joined to commissioner status then. Can Lietenants use the crew messenger system or just commissioners? And can I have the entire crew be commissioners? As I said earlier, the crew is an open crew so we all have easy access to the messenger system. No loyalties or anything of the members required. Just dont use it to say dumb stuff, and really only use it if you are HOSTING a heist and fronting the money. The idea is that those willing to be muscle will have the tags on, receive the messages, then they contact the host personally to see if they can join as muscle. No one wants to wait around forever, so everyone having access to the messenger can fill his muscle roster as fast as possible from the available crew currently online. If you want to add those people as your PSN friend, thats up to you, me personally, I like to keep my friend list under 12 so Im not getting lit up every time people sign in and out.

promote when I get home tonight I mean

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PSN: lucas3546 (Send a friend request with a message like "Crew member for heist" so i know who to accept)


Gun man, Pilot/Driver/


lvl 65

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Lvl: 125

Full stats on everything

PS3: Vricow



Lvl: 5

Working on lvl up

Ps4: OpieStranger


I'm 30 years old live in U.S. MST can play all day every Saturday, Sunday and Monday and sometimes during the week. Very tactical, I don't troll . Want to do pretty much everything online. I don't mind playing with Europeans. I speak English, German and Danish FLUENTLY

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Platform: PS4

PSN: AmbiencY


Looking for two people to play heists with, starting day one. Me and my friend will be doing heists starting the 10th, around 5-6 Mountain Time in the U.S. Would prefer that microphones be used, but are not required. Of course cooperation is expected. :p. I'll be hosting, and will give everyone an equal cut, might even give less to myself as I'm not really needing the money. PM me on here, or on PSN if you're interested, thanks.

Edited by ambiency
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Ambiency, I'm in

Alrighty, I'll add you on PSN soon, I got another friend to join us, so we're set.

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I am looking for 1 or 2 players to join my heist crew on the Xbox One. We are all mature and high level.


We plan on completing the Criminal Mastermind Challenge for $10,000,000.


We don't have specific roles as of right now. We will be working that out when we plan for the heist.


We are on the East Coast and most of us should be on this weekend to get some test runs in and get ready.


Requirements for joining are:

  • Must have a mic
  • Mature
  • Be able to work as a team
  • Must speak English

Message Th3Stig911 if you want in.

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I am looking for 1 or 2 players to join my heist crew on the Xbox One. We are all mature and high level.


We plan on completing the Criminal Mastermind Challenge for $10,000,000.


We don't have specific roles as of right now. We will be working that out when we plan for the heist.


We are on the East Coast and most of us should be on this weekend to get some test runs in and get ready.


Requirements for joining are:

  • Must have a mic
  • Mature
  • Be able to work as a team
  • Must speak English
Message Th3Stig911 if you want in.
Hey man, I'm still open if you're interested. I'll be on in a few hours.
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Western EU player looking for serious, mature (preferably adult, but these things are not mutually exclusive) players for heists.


Platform: PS3

PSN: BlackMilk1

Microphone: Yes.

Timezone: GMT+1 (I think!)

Language: English (not using my own language for this)


Will take on role as heist set-up guy.

Regardless of wether or not I'm the 'leader', will play any role necessary.


While the heists are obviously meant to be fun, I am also definitely in it for the money. So naturally, I want to do it right, and if possible eventually also go for the bonuses.

If I'm setting it up, I will not take a huge cut for myself, but will attempt to cover expenses and still make a profit.

If not setting it up, I do expect a fair share for all teammembers, just as I'm expecting everyone to make a serious contribution.


No preference to location of other players as long as we can speak the same language and play on the same times.

Don't care about your rank, how amazing you are, wether you're poor or a billionaire and that you have all Pegasus vehicles or none.

Don't care if you have 30 heavily modified super cars with clown horns and super awesome paint jobs.

Just bring a microphone and some team spirit. No rambo's/gloryseekers please.


(that said, since many people obsess over this, my main character is over 190 and has a couple million at his disposal, with, among others, the Rhino and Buzzard available)


Will be able to play any evening, some afternoons.


PS. Not joining any other crews for this. The reason I'm not doing this with crewmembers early on (maybe later) is because there's only one other somewhat active player and he plays on different times and is busy with other things. The other members are either inactive or are in different timezones.


EDIT: If anyone is interested in this and would like to add me, I'd love to play a few missions with you tomorrow and monday before the update comes, to get familiar with you. Small chance I can even play a bit today, still. I'll be away on personal business tuesday morning and afternoon but should have the better (and most important) part of the day left; late afternoon and evening/night.

Edited by BlackMilk
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i'm available UK/GMT 2100-0300 On most nights of the week ready when you are from Tuesday 0000GMT :die::rampage:

[ DISCLAIMER : I hate trolls heed fair warning :r*: hate those Jeremy Kyle feral kids on parents mic :miranda: go away!!! ] mature gamer

socialclub : merf84


Platform : Xbox 360

Gamertag : MKx092011

Level 139 - 140 (roughly)


play like Splinter Cell meets Strike Back (youtube it haha)

also good/decent at flying (land Titan with ease)


Sniper, Gunman no preference

settle for Hacker




X United Kingdom X rank 89 position 18


Sons of the Silence MC



Edited by merph84
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PS4: MikeyDLuffy

LVL 65 - good all rounder

GMT - available Tuesday night - prefer to complete a full heist in one session

Have a mic and ready for serious play

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