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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Heists Free Agents Topic [Playstation]

Recommended Posts


Platform: PS4

PSN/XBL Username: Katerulz86

Position You Would Like to Play (Host,Driver,Gunman,Hacker: Any

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I'm doing humane labs grind all Sunday. I only want to play with serious, experienced, professional and active players. Make sure you know what you're doing. If you don't then ask first. We will be using Player Saved Outfits and be using the Heavy utility vest in all set ups besides deliver the EMP. It's recommended to have the vest purchased from the clothes shop and saved in an outfit. I don't mind skip tripping. We can all take turns in hosting.


Platform: PS3 PS4

GTA online username: SkynetOnlineID

Level: 200+ 280+ (will be ranking up second character, level 60+ 150+)

Expected finale cut: 40/20/20/20 (it's the most fair percentage since hosts don't make money in set ups)

Timezone: GMT +/- 1 (BST, British Standard)

Microphone: Yes (sometimes I use the PlayStation mobile App too. It makes messaging a whole lot easier).

Equipment: I have and use the utility vest, armored kuruma, apartment near the bikes, insurgent, bullet proof helmet.

Experience: I've completed all heists on hard multiple times. I've completed the criminal mastermind challenge a long time ago. Also know about the pacfic standard finale glitch and blow up bikes method.

Edited last post. I'm still available and doing heists more then a year later.

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Platform : PS4

PSN : DontGetClose1990

Rank : 207

Role : Any

Mic : Yes

Experience : Done the mastermind multiple times


Feel free to add and dont forget to say that you from this forum.

Edited by DontGetClose1990
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Ps3 psn Little_Powder am on all day everyday normally looking for help on my heists and will help you on yours also will pay you good for helping me get final done

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Need someone for fleeca heist ps4 60-40 cut psn Ibi_102 messeage with subject fleeca heist finale


PSN/XBL Username (Ibi_102 capital i by the way)

Position You Would Like to Play (Host,Driver,Gunman,Hacker)driver,gunner,hacker

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I'm looking to join up with people doing the pac standard finale glitch, I've done it maaany times already so I know the protocol.

Serious player, not trolling and no playing around.

Rank 381 and counting.


PS4: Rodrich266

Mic: Yes

PSN App: Yes (so I'll probably answer right away regardless of online or not)

Role: any

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Any position is good

Done a few setups and heists

I have a mic and I listen to orders good

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Can host or join pacific standard

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Looking for people to finish my heists with. Currently I am on Series A Funding. Also on PS4. Money will be giving evenly to everyone! :) Add "MikePeinsznski"

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Just in case someone is still looking



Can pretty much do anything just want to complete it for the trophies I completed the loyalty challenge but that was in another account anyone that needs help just add me I don't even care about the cut, only problem is I'm online mostly through weekends

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Platform : PS4

PSN : Goodfella5_7
Rank : 84
Role : Any
Mic : Yes
Experience : Done some heists, I'm with another friend most of the times who does the heists with me.

Edited by LouisKing
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PS4 heist team, don't troll. Doing series a funding atm. Message RoryNGx

Rank 111

Edited by Brocklehurst1506

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