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Cloth lighting,coloring and shading


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I need some help, I'm working on a project and I need someone to explain to me about how the shading and coloring should be applied on cloth.

Here's a glimpse of what I'm working on. (ignore everything else, just look at the clothes.


And here's sort of the thing I want it to look like.



Any tips on how to draw the lighting and shading similar to above? (look at the clothes on the one holding the gun)

I really need some help to make my drawing better, and I'm also aiming to make it Marvel-ish (like above) but any general tips or tutorial is fine.


And can anyone also teach me how to color the hair like the one in the second image?


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What programme are you using ? there are a few filters in Photoshop that could perhaps help you get the effect your going for or at least provide a template for you to work off.







I have added a few more filters to darken the 2nd image but the poster edges filter may help you.

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Get a pen tablet.


Or the worse thing you can do is to use Pen tool to create the shades.



I don't know how to teach you 'shade'. It comes from your mind calculation. But first, you gotta know where the light's coming from and the shape of the object blocking the light, which in this case is your Claude.

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