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VC features in LC

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Well, the "poll" we held a fair while ago determined several VC features that we'd be including in LC - these are outlined below:


Feature | To Be Included... | Notes | Done?

  • The Hunter | One at Phil's Army Barracks after 100 hidden packages, and one near the Triad Fish Factory at Atlantic Quays after 100% | Normal rewards for hidden packages as per GTA3 still in place. New cheat to spawn the Hunter in-game to be added. | Yes
  • VC Weapons | As a reward for 100% at various locations around the city | GTA3 weapons at hideout as well (as per GTA3 hidden package rewards). | Teargas functionality has to be changed to give it damaging properties as per the PS2 version of VC. | Yes
  • Double Health & Armour | After 100% | As per VC | Yes
  • Minor VC Features | Left as is | No helicopters until SSV is unlocked, windscreens breakable, tyres poppable, motorcycles available throughout the game, player fireproof after 100% complete, etc. Make sure that the rewards from vigilante, paramedic, fire fighter, taxi missions are the same as GTA3 | Yes
  • Interiors | As per SteaVor's discretion wink.gif| A decision won't be made until I've seen them in-game. | Marco's Bistro Interior, the only interior finished so far, has been included in v7test4
  • Fast Reload Ability | After 100% | Player is given the fast reload ability after completing LC 100% | Yes

The above features are the ones chosen to be included in the official version of LC. Any others will become unofficial mods if people choose to make them. See this post in the Unofficial Mods topic for a full list of suggestions that came about as a result of the poll.

The other thing that needs to be done is to change the SCM to make the Faggio cruise on Portland - this involves editing the section that defines car class zones.

Edited by Silent
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sorry to bump an old topic but for the marcos bistro interior how about add in the kitchen area the extra room from Gta Vice City's Marco's Bistro (the one from the introduccion of vice city where Sonny and friends are eating, the one with the body in the fridge) like in GTA SA: LC that blocked off the other exit and instead added Sonnys eating room from VC into the SA Marco's Bistro interior, but here just add in the room, no need to block the other exit :D

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