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Meet The Team

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The following is a list of everybody who has contributed to this mod. Being that this is a public effort, there is no official "team" per se, but rather a list of contributors. If we were in fact a team, anybody who has contributed could be a part of it. I don't want to think of it as an official team because that could mean that some people who may not want the commitment because they simply don't want it or may think they could fail it, would not contribute.

The list is in no particular order and lists everything the person has helped with. If I have forgotten you or forgotten something you've contributed, post here asking to be added. If you'd like to be discreet, PM Craig. But DO NOT BE MODEST. We all deserve credit for what we've done.

Member | Contribution(s)

  • PineCreek-Skidz | GTA:LC files creator, mapping, textures, water, environment, mod support
  • killer.ip | ex-forum moderator and co-leader, textures, mapping, audio, data compilation, mod support, planes, text
  • Demarest | project founder, original team leader, coding, graphics, mapping, cars and weapons schedule, text
  • Craig Kostelecky | Team Leader, forum moderator, coding, GXT conversion, mod support, cars schedule, textures, audio, hosting, etc.
  • Ben | ex-team leader, beta tester/bug finder, ex-forum moderator, GXT editing, mod support, audio, HTML readme
  • SteaVor | ex-team leader, forum moderator, coding, GXT conversion, collision fixes, hosting
  • ModelingMan | forum moderator, peds, trainer, EXE/menu hacking, beta tester/bug finder, graphics, audio, outro screen
  • Knux | ex-WO, ex co-leader, paths, cars, data compilation
  • Mark Pagliaro | textures, data compilation, mod support, peds, train/subway models
  • Hammer83 | coding, graphics, tooling, launcher, EXE hacking, paths, cutscenes, audio, water, mod support
  • spaceeinstein | forum moderator, beta tester/bug finder, DAT files, texture updates, audio and sound effects, graphics, paths, collision updater, mod support, SCM bug fixes and features, EXE hacking, language updates, installer, and on and on
  • Silent | coding, EXE hacking, mod support
  • Outback | mod support, water, audio, model fixes
  • PatrickW | train and subway conversion, coding, mod support
  • CTM | installer, mod support
  • Konstantinos | SCM bug fixes, beta tester/bug finder, mod support
  • kipo | paths, planes
  • ghost of delete key | mod support, environment
  • Luke | data compilation, mod support, web support, paths, installer, file conversion
  • jcab42 | mapping, mod support, expansion support
  • Diamond Joe Quimby | mapping, mod support
  • Gforce | mapping, mod support, IMG compilation
  • KoLSPD2 | ped conversion, mod support
  • Aztlan | audio, data compilation, mod support
  • ghost_master2000 | tool support, mapping
  • crazydude | ex-WO, cars, mod support, skins
  • DaEllum67 | coding
  • Y_Less | coding, ex-forum moderator
  • TwoZero | coding
  • TbM2k | coding
  • sleeper777 | coding
  • Thesord | coding
  • Samutz | coding, hosting
  • silver007 | vehicle bug fixes, ped conversion, conversion of Bistro interior from San Andreas
  • Squiddy | EXE hacking, mod support
  • NTAuthority | EXE hacking, mod support
  • rmws. | EXE hacking, mod support
  • Bebop | ped conversion
  • Ryan_ | building collisions
  • Blunted | building collisions, audio
  • Flat Face | building collisions
  • Cowboy 666 | ped dialogue conversion
  • Blunted1 | mod compilation, release coordinator, data compilation, mod support
  • wnuczek | mapping, transparency problems
  • Posty_2k3 | graphics
  • Run Down That Guy | contributor to original GTA:LC files, ported GTA:LC to X-box
  • JernejL | dodo conversion help
  • Opius | mod support, team graphics
  • madbitch | skins, textures
  • Hollower | mod support, environment
  • steve-m | models, environment
  • roger1079 | beta tester/bug finder, mod compilation
  • GT-1 | beta tester/bug finder, mod support, mapping, textures
  • VGF | Spanish translation (and English GXT bug fixes)
  • MoeRonimoe | Initial German translation
  • Main_Salvadore | Russian translation
  • Knightriders | French translation
  • Wasyl-Pasyl | Polish translation
  • MegaVovaN | beta tester/bug finder, hosting
  • Calzinger | beta tester/bug finder, hosting
  • Dominion Spy | graphics
  • OnePiece | graphics
  • Dalpura | hosting
  • Sputn1k | textures
  • AK-73 | player animations, ped conversion, EXE hacking
  • random_download | EXE hacking
  • AdTec_224 | ped conversion
  • T-V | intro movie
  • dex909 | wet roads IDE fix
  • simplyunkillable | vehicle conversion
  • nsane | installer
  • Smallo | hosting
  • Dygear | beta tester/bug finder
  • Lix | beta tester/bug finder
  • karlneil | beta tester/bug finder
  • TheAnswer | beta tester/bug finder
  • largopredator | beta tester/bug finder
  • [email protected] | beta tester/bug finder
  • madguy | beta tester/bug finder
  • SteveM | beta tester/bug finder
  • GTA_Thomas | beta tester/bug finder
  • Serafim | beta tester/bug finder
  • Kurropt Antagonist | beta tester/bug finder
  • Monitor57 | promotional trailer
  • Ash_735 | menu, radio icons
  • Mr. Jago | animations, models and textures
  • Nick007J | EXE hacking, bug finder
  • HM128 | EXE hacking
  • Arrow | mod support
  • Forever L | mod support
Edited by spaceeinstein

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Craig Kostelecky

It's been quite a while since this list was updated. And my memory isn't what it was a decade ago. If you've contributed and do not see your name above, PLEASE let me (or NG) know. One of us will edit the list to include your name and how you've contributed.


This is a completely open team. If you can submit quality work (and it's something we need) then there's no reason for me to not use your files.


Thank you to everyone who's helped over the last 10+ years.

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What do you think of this for the outro? It is somewhat based on the current outro and the ordering is based directly on the first post.


(click to see full size)


You can suggest any improvements to this like font, color, position, background image, logo, etc. I can add more names when the list of names gets updated.


UPDATE: Changed Silent's name, added Mr. Jago

Edited by spaceeinstein

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undertaker fan

I think it's looking really nice and it does not need any change.

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Craig Kostelecky

Thanks space. The only thing I noticed so far is Silent dropped the PL from his name some time ago. I just updated the first post to reflect that.

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