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Vehicle Handling


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The following is a list Ben put together in 2006, so information may be invalid. I restored it for the sake of having it.

Ok, I'm going to attempt to finalise the vehicle handling data for LC. The first thing I want to emphasise though is that a 100% authentic conversion from GTA3 is not possible, however, I will be aiming for increased authenticity through the changes I implement. Because the VC engine works differently to GTA3 (mostly through VC's improved vehicle physics), the only way to get a 100% authentic conversion is to work out a series of long and complicated equations/algorithms in the EXE, which works out as a waste of time (for the effort required), not to mention the fact that LC "markets" the improved physics as a feature.

Anyway, a lot of the vehicles are pretty much right - they might need some minor tweakage, but I'll get to that at some stage. In fact, I'm only working on this every now and then at the moment as I have one more assignment for school, before I'm free for a while. The vehicles that have problems I will list below:

Vehicle | Issue | Fixed?

  • Kuruma | Flips on corners sometimes | Yes
  • Manana | Flips on corners sometimes | Yes
  • Police Car | Not as balanced as in GTA3 | Yes
  • Yardie Lobo | Flips sometimes whilst using hydraulics | Yes
  • Sentinel | Model Flag error | Yes
  • Stretch | Model Flag error | Yes
  • Mule | Model Flag error | Yes
  • FBI Kuruma | Model Flag error | Yes
  • Bus | Model Flag error | Yes
  • RC Baron (Dodo) | Model Flag error | Yes
  • Stallion | Model Flag error | Yes
  • Mafia | Model Flag error | Yes
  • Yankee | Model Flag error | Yes

The issues listed exist in LC only (as in, they are differences between LC and III) - the Kuruma, for example, is quite difficult to flip around corners in III, yet this is relatively easy to do in LC.

If there are any other vehicles that handle significantly differently in LC when compared to III, please report the vehicle's name and issue here and I'll look into it at some stage. This list will also be kept updated, and updates can be found here.

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