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Recommended Posts


Here is a 'document' I wrote a few months ago for NTAuthority. It's for an in-engine (map) editor for GTA5, GTAIV and potentially Max Payne 3.

It's sort of like a SDK. Think of MEd\MapEditor but on steroids; in-engine, smooth navigation, ability to import models and edit shaders on the fly and convenient mapping tools.


GTA5 for PC is on the way and it's more complex than ever, the map was built in very 'delicate' way. It requires dedicated tools to manage, and ideally, do the hard work for you. So people can just focus on making maps and not worry about how the game handles the files.


For now I only addressed a few key features, it will be edited over time.

Use this topic to discuss more possibilities and ideas for an editor.




Current GTAIV workflow to get a map with custom models ingame:

- Get your map into 3ds max, sometimes easier said than done

- Setup IDE

- Setup WPL

- Create collision with materials

- Setup hierarchy for model export

- Export

- Waiting.....model\collision export is very slow......

- Import openformats to OpenIV

- Create WTD files

- Add map files in gta.dat & images.txt


- 3Ds Max is required, no other software supported

- Slow and complicated process

- No proper documentation\tutorials

- Mapping props is very tedious

- No abilitity to preview shaders

- Changes require to test it ingame, quit, do changes, readd the files, test ingame again


Ideal workflow

- Export models to .FBX, .OBJ or .DAE from software of choice

- Import models into editor

- WTD automatically generated

- IDE automatically generated

- Import WPL or map them in the editor

- gta.dat & images.txt automatically updated

- Ability to create WBN collision from mapped models


Lets look at the cons again:

-3Ds Max is required, no other software supported Any modeling software

-Slow and long process Fast & easy

-No proper documentation\tutorials Works similar to exsisting SDKs

-Mapping props is very tedious Props can be mapped in the editor

-No abilitity to preview shaders Shaders are updated real-time

-Changes require to test it ingame, quit, do changes, readd the files, test ingame again Changes can be made on the fly and tested immediately



Ideally the editor could be run ingame, with the click of a button. Other option would be to have the editor run as an external program, but the transition between editor and game would be less seamless

Navigation should be similar to 3Ds Max

You can play instantly by placing a marker in the editor where you want to spawn.



IDE is created automatically with standard flags and draw distance, this can be changed at anytime.

Both IDE and WPL files can be divided automatically, by using a grid like setup.

Props can be selected from a library and mapped.


Material Editor

A CryEngine like material editor

Instead of selecting one of the 100 or something shaders from a list, it will choose the shader for you based on the inputs.

For example, you input a diffuse, normal and specular and set emissive on only at night
It will choose gta_normal_spec_reflect_emissivenight.sps
With reflect set to ‘0’

If the shader does not exsist based on the inputs it will recommend what to change.

All the chanegs made will be directly visible in the editor.



Ideally WBN collision could be created from static models, with the ability to assign different materials using the texture IDs from the models.


Other features

- Landscape editor, with the ability to import heightmaps

- Terrain Blending

- Foliage painting (load a simple mesh such as grass and ‘paint’ it over your terrain)



This is only for mapping so far, but naturally the editor could feature every single aspect of GTA Modding,

- Nav mesh creator from collision

- Traffic by drawing lines with snap function

- Hierarchy setup for vehicles and map breakables

- Character rigging

- Animation support

...and more

Edited by NTAuthority
collada is DAE, not DEA
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So technically, prior to entering the game, we could edit the objs coords on the fly, unloading and loading them?

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Good luck with that.

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undertaker fan

Seems promising. Good luck!

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I wish you the best of luck. :)

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As fancy as it sounds on paper: This will take very long. Especially because no one considered what kind of limits R* put in the game again.


As much as I want that editor: Realisticly we are far away from that. VERY FAR actually.

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I can't wait.

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does this mean roman can come bowling in san andreas? :0

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I suggest updating this as NTA and others made some V stuff.

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I seriously want this sdk because i want to make a San Fierro map for singleplayer GtaV pc.kinda like how The map is los santos and its surrounding areas ill do the same with this and im probably add missions in it too.

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Soooo any news about this?

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