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2D Universe vs 3D Universe vs HD Universe


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After buying the original GTA III Triology on my ps4, GTA V, the GTA IV triology on my X Box 1 and LCS on my phone, i realized that the 3D universe is really boring compared to the HD universe.

Ill go with HD universe. I ADORE the HD universe refine controls!

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I like GTA IV, but the 3D universe will always have a place in my heart. I always play each of them chronologically. 

Edited by gtafaninwest
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Algonquin Assassin

Still the HD era/universe.


Everything I personally disliked about the 3D era/universe was fixed when they made the switch to HD. I don't mean "graphics", but basically every core mechanic. GTA V dropped the ball in some ways, but GTA IV's core mechanics are far superior to any GTA that came before.


I'll always have a soft spot for Vice City and GTA III, but if I'm being honest I only play those games if I just want to mess around. It's been years since I played them from start to finish. GTA IV (EFLC included) and GTA V to a lesser extent simply pertain more to my tastes as a gamer as I've become older. 

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Obviously, HD universe is better. It's more advanced. Every game in it has good graphics (Except for CW, which i think should have been set in 2D universe instead)


GTA San Andreas (Despite being a 3D universe game) is the best game in my opinion. It has the best storyline, Gang wars, Strongest weapons, etc...


3D universe games are also perfect (With the exception of GTA Advance, It's more of a 2D universe because of it's graphics)


2D universe is a complete sh*t to the GTA series. Because of the sh*tty graphics. 


Also, I think CW and Advance should have set in the 2D universe instead.

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9 hours ago, Limefong said:

2D universe is a complete sh*t to the GTA series. Because of the sh*tty graphics. 


Also, I think CW and Advance should have set in the 2D universe instead.

My eyes starting to heart when I look at CW and Advanced THEY are probably the worst GTA ever


But I prefer the 3D universe, rockstar didn't complete the HD universe yet

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Algonquin Assassin
12 hours ago, Limefong said:

2D universe is a complete sh*t to the GTA series. Because of the sh*tty graphics. 

Well what do you expect? Those games came out in 1997 and 1999. 


Anyway I have a slightly opinion to when I posted before.


I like the 3D era because of its lore and strong sense of connection across the games. The HD era is great because the games feel so polished and still fresh after so many years and the 2D has its own charm for being the reason we're still talking about the series today.


As far as I'm concerned as a passionate GTA fan all the universes have something I like about them.  F*ck I feel like a kid in a candy store sometimes with what we have to choose from.:inlove::inlove::inlove:



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1 hour ago, SonOfLiberty said:

Well what do you expect? Those games came out in 1997 and 1999. 


I know they came out 23 years ago. But they are still bad.


I prefer 3D & HD universes instead..

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HD universe, but it's mostly because of IV and EFLC and little to do with V. i hate how V disregarded the lore and characters of the HD universe and threw them out the window.

Edited by Niobium
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  • 8 months later...

The 3D Universe

because of how everything connect together and these small details of the stories and because there are all kinds of games 

For the HD Universe it had GTA 4 and its DLCs which I always count one game

Anyway CTW is also great and fun with a different story and fun sidemissions and it was pretty much a good game about the Triad's organization and Huang reminds me of CJ

GTA 5 is also good IMO but the thing with GTA 5 is that its flaws are really dumb and just rockstar being R*tardeds I mean every GTA game had these flaws but they were either few or could be put under "the game was suffering from being old" category

But GTA 5 doesn't have any of these excuses 

But I Will be nice and say that it was enjoyable and I didn't play it for years so I might give it a second chance

And then comes the sh*thole that ruined it all

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HD universe was also cool due to the graphics and quality. R* did a good job introducing the characters in IV, TLAD and CTW. TBOGT and V though? They are not that great when it comes to the characters. Still good games despite that.
2D universe was good even if they haven't aged well. The games there are very underrated, they at least introduced us to GTA.

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It's a no brainer that HDU games have, what people call "better graphics". Subjectively and only according to my own personal taste, nothing beats PS2 visuals of the 3DU games. Despite the disadvantages of the technology of the time they were created in, stylized, cartoony graphics almost seem 'magical', especially today. It's way more artistic in a way, sparking the imagination. I'm convinced that if R* wanted or in fact was able to incorporate flashier graphics in to the 3DU titles, in no way they could have achieved catching those perfect vibes and sense of the atmosphere they have.


Another subjective thing next to visuals is sound. Starting from opening themes, soundtracks and in-game audio, all the way to the closing credits, 3DU reigns supreme. For me, it is light years in front of everything that HDU has to offer, and GTA IV for example have the entire radio station composed of songs of my favorite artist.


My broken english was struggling to find proper terms for it, but Mr. Liberty or whatever his alias is these days has put it so well; " lore and strong sense of connection across the games." Let's not forget our favorite actors in there, but that's just cherry on top.


In terms of mechanics and systems, many of us would simply jump to conclude that HDU is superior simply because its games are modern. Could be in many instances, it is debatable, but, trust me, it is somewhat sad to acknowledge that GTA SA still has the most advanced driving mechanics of them all. Objectively the best. It kicks a$$ beyond franchise even. One of the most complete arcade experiences out there. Those wobbly boats of IV are only good for mowing pedestrians down and giving them air time in spectacular fashion, just in the same way that those flying bricks of V are good only for launching off of the first cliff or any other kind elevation you find. Just a quick check; find any car, literally any, either in IV, EFLC or V that can drift. It is impossible.


Shooting mechanics on itself means nothing. It is in the direct proportion to enemy AI. On it's own SM is just a cool trick. The true nature of SM is revealed in its usability while encountering the enemy AI and enemy AI is phenomenal in 3DU. In its simplicty it offers far more that its "sophisticated" sibling in HDU. Again, the only edge HDU has in this department, like in many others, is the "modern factor". Especially in V. It's more of a 'paintball mechanics' rather than firearm mechanics. 

I'm a bit running out of words, but let's put it metaphorically; 3DU AI and SM are 300hp supercar from the 70's. It goes from 0 to 100km/h under 5 sec. HDU AI and SM represent a modern supercar with 600hp. Sometimes it hits 0 to 100 under 5, but in most cases, it will be 10 sec.


Thrill of the chase. The true core of the open world gaming.



Replay value undoubtedly hit its peak with 3DU. Everything after that heavily declines.


All in all, 3DU video games are made as video games. 4th Era games are movies. 5th Era game(s) are commercials in a sense that V is nothing but a advertisement for 0nline. 

Edited by ChengizVlad09
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Yeah, well. For many people 3D Era Grand Theft Auto games are nostalgic, and they think that only these are proper Grand Theft Auto games.


However, after I've played Grand Theft Auto IV for the first time I already knew how awkward these games are. Grand Theft Auto IV rules. It looks the best, has the best graphics, the best location, the best characters, the best vehicles. 


I understand that some people would argue they prefer Grand Theft Auto V, but 3D Era Grand Theft Auto games are just there. They were cool for a moment, but come on.

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For Nostalgia and best experience, 3d era was best. It also shows excelent blending(VCS and VC), then (SA) and finish on (LCS, A, 3). San Andreas being 3rd main game in GTA 3d era, make good crossing between VC and LCS. 

HD Universe, GTA 4 Liberty City you feel like in real New York City, also DLCs blend nices with Niko Adventures. Niko's rising from small crook to professional Hitman was very good experience and friends perks which had benefits to hang out with them(cheaper weapons, free taxi etc.). TBOGT improved night life of LC with club theme. Johnny was badass person, but they soft him up in V. In LC he was anti-drug and hates Ashley drug-habit, but then in Sandy Shores he is Meth Addicted and return to Ashley, no sense.

GTA V : Ok, Rockstar wanted make it as San Andreas 2.0, but it's bland and too hectic. It would be better if GTA 5 had one protagonist and others 2 as expansions. Hanging out with friends is useless. Seems GTA V was more ambisious during development, because they are so many plot holes and error continuity. For example when Trevor goes to LS, he cursed Michael that he faked his death, but in Fame or Shame, they become buddies and save Tracey from being US clown.

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