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Lethal Vaccine

Starter/Master Save Discussion (PS2 and PSP)

Recommended Posts

Lethal Vaccine

Yeah, for me VCS is my LEAST favorite of the five 3D Era GTA's. I am about to re-do my Starter Save and am starting it in two days. I am re-doing it all because it has 11 Attempts and not 10, which is the lowest. It also has too many Safehouse Visits and Pay and Spray Visits, as well. All of these things will be lower on my next time through it.


About SA, I like it the most of the 3D Era since it's clearly the most challenging for a Starter Save AND Special Vehicles. Not to mention EP/FP Conversion, EC/EM Conversion, and AP Conversion. III, VC, LCS, and VCS are great, but SA is just so much more for me in ALL aspects...


I don't like VCS much due to too many Side Missions, Level 15 R3 Missions and a lot of them, slow Helicopter Physics (rain sucks when flying, too), slow Boat Physics, etc, etc. Like the Import/Export List 4 for Boats is absolutely horrendous and takes so long just to drive a Boat from a Location to the Dock. Flying blows and takes so long for Level 15, as well. I don't f*ck around and stop after every 5 Levels and do it all in one go so it doesn't add extra Attempts. I also don't like that I can't do about 15% more within the Starter Save. Like Mashing Up the Mall, those Vortex Time Trials, Jetski Time Trials, Beach Patrol, Air Rescue, Vice Sights, etc, etc. If all that could be done at the beginning, you'd get closer to 60% or more done in the beginning which would make the game much more enjoyable in my case. Every time I do a Save for VCS, despite having 49.20% done already, it still takes ages due to the abundance of Side Missions and everything taking so slow and being boring. I mean, Level 12 is long enough so I don't get why they went with Level 15 in VCS, on the final 3D Era GTA Game. It's simple, but just time consuming and boring. Rockstar loved their beloved R3 Missions in the 3D Era, didn't they?


73 Attempts is the lowest in III without failing ANYTHING. 88 in VC. 161 in SA. 113 in LCS. 113 in VCS. I always thrive to reach the lowest Attempts in my Starter Saves AND 100% Saves WHILE obtaining all the Special Vehicles. The ONLY time I fail a Mission and save over it is when I get a Special Vehicle and the Special Vehicle REQUIRES you to fail. If there is a Method to pass the Mission, I will do that instead, though, even if it's much harder or time consuming. I need the "perfect" Save and too many Attempts would render it not good enough in my case. I am not sure what I was thinking to save the game after taking TWO Attempts for the damn Taxi Side Mission in VCS. It's the only reason I am re-doing my Starter Save, actually. All due to 1 extra Attempt in the Stats which is rendering the Starter Save not good enough. But since I played the HD Era for a while since the beginning of September and am not as used to the 3D Era anymore, doing my VCS Starter Save over with will give me good practice since once I finish my new VCS Starter Save, I plan to re-do both my 1st and 2nd Save Files for SA on PS2 as well as my SA Mobile Save. My 1st SA Save File on PS2 will be incredible once it's done since I am going for 68 Special Vehicles all in the SAME Save, with only using the EP/FP Conversion with Gray Imports for a handful of Rare Vehicles I got within my Starter Save. I won't use any OM0 Methods like EC/EM Conversion and AP Conversion. I also won't obtain any Special Vehicles from the Story that are otherwise unobtainable since they need OM0 to get them. I save all that OM0 Methods and things for my 2nd Save File and do the 1st Save File like the good ol' classic way of playing and obtaining all the Special Vehicles through hard work and dedication, unlike the piss easy AP Conversion which is taking the easy way out of "obtaining" a Special Vehicle. Not to mention, the AP Conversion as well as EC/EM Conversion can be done AFTER 100%, which renders most of the entire lot of Special Vehicles in SA useless, but that is why I don't see a point in using it and using OM0. It's bordering on the lines of cheating and makes obtaining Special Vehicles rather pointless in SA so I prefer doing traditional Saves for SA, like it's always been about since 2004. I save all the other Conversion, easy stuff for a 2nd Save File while maintaining Minimum Stats, etc...


Here is my entire Pause Menu Stats for my OLD VCS Starter Save with 11 Attempts:




































Edited by MetalMilitia89

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Lethal Vaccine

Hell yeah! Totally destroyed my old "records" for the VCS Starter Save. I just finished it today for the second time now, but much better.


49.20% Completion, 0 Deaths, 0 Busted, 0 Cheats, 0 Missions Failed, 0 Pay and Spray Visits, 15 Safehouse Visits, and 8:30 Total Playing Time.


My old one had 11 Attempts, whereas now I have 10 and it's the lowest you should have in the Starter Save. My old one had 12 Pay and Spray Visits whereas now I have 0. My old one had 45 Safehouse Visits whereas now I have 15. My old one had 10:55 Total Playing Time whereas now I beat it by 2:25.


Theoretically, I could of done it with only 9 Safehouse Visits considering I could of saved 6 less times by simply doing all 35 Rampages in a row and without saving until all of them were done, but I chose to save after every 5 Rampages passed. The crazy thing is, though, I didn't fail a single one or die, so I technically could of did all 35 in a row and without saving.


Overall, a total improvement from my old one...

Edited by MetalMilitia89

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It says on the GTA Wiki that it's not unlocked until after From Zero to Hero, which is the mission that unlocks the East Island...It's on Prawn Island, which is locked in the beginning, I believe, since it connects to the East Island...The Coach does NOT spawn until after From Zero to Hero...

That´s cool to know.

Edited by Pauloso

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So, this is the topic where we discuss everything that can be done before "Cleaning House", right?


IT'S POSSIBLE TO TRANSPORT VEHICLES FROM EAST TO WEST! Use a BMX or something to get to the east island, drive your desired vehicle down to the southwest pier, where boats spawn, ditch it in the water, and use a boat to push the vehicle all the way to the docks Tommy purchases in Vice City. It's not exactly easy, but it isn't hard, either. Just make sure you don't fall in the water, or else you'll get swept away by the current.


I used the nearby Stinger as a sample, and the Tropic to push it to the other side. I thought of the Tropic because it is big and heavy, but it's way too f*cking slow for its weight to be of any use, so I dumped it, and replaced it with the Jetmax, which is much better, but damages your vehicle more. Thankfully, when the car started smoking, I had already reached the west island, and used Vic's body alone to push it ashore. I doubt it took me more than thirty minutes, and if I can do it, you can, too.


Here is a nice challenge for collectors: EP Gang Rancher. I've never seen any Sharks spawning on the west island, and engage in wars with the Bikers or Cholos before "From Zero to Hero", so it's a good candidate for the EP conversion in "Got Protection?".

Edited by RationalPsycho

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Lethal Vaccine

Yeah, BEFORE Cleaning House, and AFTER Soldier. Soldier is the ONLY Story Mission done...


You use the BMX to get to the East Island? I just use a Yankee and drive it to Starfish Island, in Diaz' Property and then line it up a certain way and jump over the invisible barrier after getting on top of the Yankee. There is another Method I see shown by 4emp2008 on Youtube using a BMX. I never knew the Method until about 6 months ago, however, it just seems slower to me, so I don't use it. There is also another Method that you can jump into something on West Island and game teleports you to East Island, in Leaf Links Golf Club...


Nice! Isn't a Sandking 4 doors? Would be nice to get an EP Sandking converted with Got Protection? It's cool since it's from the East Island. Converted Vehicles, I like doing the harder ones, where you need to get back to a locked Island, etc...However, jam8tone converted a Patriot to EP, which would also be pretty cool even though it's from the West Island where you start, but it's from Fort Baxter and you're kicked out of there after Conduct Unbecoming, so sort of like keeping the EC Streetfighter, you can keep the Patriot to convert to EP with Got Protection?


Yeah, EP Gang Rancher is another one I was thinking about. Maybe a Sandking is 2 door and the Gang Rancher is 4 door. I may have mixed those up, but you know what I mean. Surely a good candidate for EP Conversion with Got Protection?

Edited by MetalMilitia89

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On PS2, before "Cleaning House" and without duping missions or anything similar, the maximum progress you can get is 49.2%. On PSP, it's 46.2%, and the minimum Mission Attempts should be 7. Below is the list of things that can be done to reach that progress:



Taxi Driver



Playground on the Town
Playground on the Point
Sanchez Time Trials
BMX Time Trials
Quad Bike Time Trials
99 Red Balloons
30 Rampages
30 Unique Stunt Jumps
If the original post is updated with this information, this can be a more complete Starter Save topic, not just for the PS2.
You can already tell that the percentage division is a mess in this game. No wonder people report bugs with "Hostile Takeover" and "Skywolf".
"Vigilante" is a bastard to complete in VCS without a Hunter or Rhino. No PP tyres for you, the criminals are more heavily armed than the National Guard, and thanks to the f*cked up drive-by mechanics, they can dispose of you and your vehicle in LESS than a second. It is heavily advised to complete "Vigilante" AFTER the Red Balloons, AND have quite a few Laser Sniper and MP5 ammo (can be found next to the Police Maverick and on a pier located southwest on the east island, respectively). Along with the M249 Machine Gun, they can help you a lot.
Also, the Flamethrower, Equalizer, Sniper Rifle and M249 do not appear outside my Barracks in Fort Baxter. Is this normal? If so, the M249 Machine Gun (to greatly help you with "Vigilante") can be found inside the Film Studio. The Equalizer on the nearest pier, just behind the Film Studio. The Flamethrower on a nearby alley, also located in Prawn Island. The Sniper Rifle is useless. Use the Laser Sniper instead.
Edited by RationalPsycho

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Lethal Vaccine

7 for PSP I guess and 10 for PS2, as I have 10 Attempts and 49.20%...


Arsen Vitiuk has a good Topic explaining why the percentage is glitched up, and it's due to taking over a Drugs Empire and making it a High Roller BEFORE passing Hostile Takeover. I PURPOSELY do this so after I pass Last Stand I am 100% without the need for Skywolf.


Vigilante Level 15 as well as Taxi Driver are the hardest tasks for the Starter Save. Vigilante is slightly easier, though, if you just pick up the Laser Scope Sniper Rifle on top of the Police Station in Washington Beach where the Police Maverick spawns every time you make it back to Fort Baxter to save the game. I just use a VCPD Wintergreen and from afar I get off the Bike and use the Sniper Rifle to "quick fire" into the enemy Vehicles to destroy them instantly. I also know where the VCPD Wintergreen spawns (Downtown and the Police Station in Little Haiti) just in case my tires ever go flat, so I just get a new one. It only takes me about 3-4 tries to do Vigilante Level 15 using this Method with the Sniper. I also know where the Police Bribes are if I ever get a 2 star wanted level. 3 or more stars basically means you're f*cked, though and need to reload. I say Taxi Driver is also hard as the more times you activate it, the more Attempts and if you also want 0 Pay and Spray Visits for the Starter Save, you can't use a Pay and Spray, obviously. Besides these 2 Tasks, everything else is really easy for the Starter Save.


Didn't read your whole Post before typing that ^^ and I see you mentioned the Laser Scope Sniper. It's all I use...


Yeah, it's normal. Not until 101 Bayshore Avenue is unlocked do those spawn in full at the Safehouse.


My 2nd Save File is going to be done tomorrow and Photos posted in the Guide...


EDIT: There you go. OP is updated with the PSP stuff and Topic Title is changed.


I am a bit confused by the Mission Attempts. I know 10 is the lowest for PS2 and 7 is the lowest for PSP, but how are they calculated? Does "Soldier" even count as a Mission?

Edited by MorsPrincipiumEst

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What... No idea, honestly. I wasn't keeping track of the Mission Attempts the entire time, but I did notice some weird things like the Time Trials not adding attempts. However, when pressing X to start a locked course, the Mission Attempts stat goes up by who knows how much. The number seems random to me. But then again, I haven't looked into this much, as I don't care about Mission Attempts. This first came to my attention when Bender. told me about the "Quad Dupe" ("Bumps And Grinds" equivalent of VCS; "Vice Sights" + "Quad Bike Time Trials") in the Special Vehicle guide, where my Mission Attempts skyrocketed from 80 to 1090 or so, because I was pressing X in a locked course to accelerate forward.


Looks like some things somehow don't count as missions, but I can't determine what. If the Time Trials and "Soldier" don't count, then it seems "logical" to have 10 attempts on PS2, but 7 on PSP? I don't know. And I'm positive I didn't fail a single thing - even "Taxi Driver". Unless "Soldier" does count as a mission, and "Rush!" or "Caddy Daddy" or an added Playground on PS2 don't.


Also, the "(PS2 and PSP)" part in the title is redundant, as these are the only consoles VCS is released on.

Edited by RationalPsycho

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Lethal Vaccine

VCS will probably be released on Mobile sooner than later, but most likely, it'll be the same as PS2 and can reach 49.20%. Afterall, there is III, VC, SA, LCS, and CW on Mobile, so it only seems logical VCS will eventually be released on Mobile, as well. However, I can't change the Title and need to report the Topic and have some Staff Member do all of that and I already had it changed. Don't want to be a nuisance. I also had like 4-5 Posts removed from the Topic as the person making the Comments would later come back and edit them saying "Comment Deleted." If that's the case, I don't need that trash in the Topic scrolling more for no reason. So on the 1st Page, you will see a lot of my Comments replying to "nobody," but those were Comments to someone at the time I made the Comments, but not anymore. The entire Topic in general needs to be cleaned up.


Even I said false information like Crash! unlocking after From Zero to Hero. That's false. It unlocks after Accidents Will Happen, like Watersports is unlocked after Say Cheese!, and Swinger's Club is unlocked after Home's on the Range. This game drags out SO much...


About the Attempts, I did VCS Starter Save twice now. My old Save Stats are posted here in the Spoiler, but like I said, OLD. This Save had 11 Attempts due to activating Taxi Driver TWICE and because of that, it's the main reason I went ahead and redid it in December and now have it with 10 instead of 11, plus way better Stats all around for the Safehouse Visits, Pay and Spray Visits, and Total Playing Time. I NEVER pressed X on a LOCKED Course. Not once and I am positive with 100% certainty I did everything correct, so I know 10 is the lowest for the PS2 Starter Save when you reach 49.20%, but since I don't own the PSP Version, I am relying on what you said to be correct with reaching 46.20% and 7 Attempts.


About that Menu in VCS, yeah, I saw the Video and I also saw that the Attempts sky rocketed after doing that and it added like +55 for no reason, lol...This game is so wacky lol...

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Oh well, first of all to be honest I haven't had such a headeache at a GTA in ages. I've had to sacrifice 2 busted screens and 1 wasted because of the trouble I had dealing with sidemissions such as the rampages, Vigilante, missions, etc.

I didn't expect VCS to treat me this way. I began to re-play this game like a week ago, I underestimated it, I began busting the 99 red ballons and it all gone well, 'til I got the part when I had to do the unique stunt jumps and rampages.

I was gunned down by the bikers, Sharks and police tons of times lol the drive-by'ing system is the OP'est thing I ever seen probably, police is autistic, doesn't matter if you go 230mph by hour in a car if any police officer manages to open your door to bust you out, you're f*cked...


I was really so lazy to re-load my save all again and travel back to Mainland, so I took the call to sacrifice my deaths and busted and go ahead with life.


I also had to fail missions and re-do them, practically, my main and only focus was reaching 49% completion, I gave a hell about dying, getting busted and failing missions but when this game became aggressive I swapped sides.


My starter save probably doesn't deserve to be called a starter save lmao, I was busted twice and killed once with like 10+ missions attempts.


The only thing I hate from this game is that, like you said once Mors, this game is more focused on side-mission than any other thing, as a matter of fact, I didn't see myself re-loading everytime to get perfect stats.


ATM i've just completed all side-missions, I'm at 91% and I didn't even start Diaz's missions, didn't finish Lance missions neither, I'm far asf and I can't go back to re-do everything in order to get better stats.


If I was a patient player I would.



And the driving (handling more likely) is exactly poop.


Edited by SMACKED!

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Lethal Vaccine

Some of the things you mention are reasons why I can't stand VCS, as well.


Yeah, VCS is roughly ~ 20% Story / 80% Side Missions which is just wack. 59 Story Missions counting as 20% of the game with 54 Side Missions (however some of them don't even count in the Attempts which the lowest is 113 by 100% if you don't fail a single thing on PS2 but there is actually more that simply don't get calculated to the Attempts Stat at all) counting as 80% of the game. A lot of the Side Missions are just added cheese called Replay Value. It honestly is far from that, though. Doing it once is technically good enough. After you do it once, it makes you NOT want to do it again as it's so mundane, boring, same old, same old, over and over. Do this 15 times, do this 6 times, rinse and repeat. It's by far the worst 3D Era GTA only with the Special Vehicle aspect redeeming it by a small margin...


The Stats part is something only recently I've been getting obsessed with. It's a progression sort of thing. In 2014 when I got interested in Starter Saves and Special Vehicles for the first time and getting serious about it, I also had pretty bad Stats in some Saves and didn't really care at the time since you need the experience FIRST before you can get a lot better and have better Stats. But it's been 3 years now, so in my case, it's NOT acceptable to have any more sh*t Stats in ANY GTA for that matter and I also need to fill max capacity (which in this case, 12) for Special Vehicles in all the GTA's, too. Since I've done Starter Saves and 100% Saves time and time again since 2014, the added Stats part gives me an extra challenge. If you know what's coming, then 100% isn't really that much of a chore anymore. Thus with the added low Stats part and getting every Special Vehicle to exist in the game BRINGS BACK the challenge while playing. I can do any GTA to 100% with 0 Deaths/Busted/Cheats, Lowest Mission Attempts, Lowest Pay and Spray Visits, Low Safehouse Visits, Low Total Playing Time, but it's just NOT THE SAME doing that time and time again when it becomes easy, thus including the other stuff and incorporating it into the Save while doing the game is a lot better.


Can you believe it? The game is nauseating, yet I am doing SIX Save Files all to 100% with Minimum Stats and Special Vehicles in each. I am on the FIFTH Save File right now and just started this morning. The thing is, even if you have 49.20% Completion, there is still a good ~ 25.00% Game Completion worth of Side Trash still needing to be done after From Zero to Hero and what sucks even more is things like Crash!, Swinger's Club, and Watersports don't even unlock until later on after specific Missions. Crash! isn't unlocked until after Accidents Will Happen for Reni, Swinger's Club isn't unlocked until after Home's on the Range for Gonzalez, and Watersports isn't unlocked until after Say Cheese! for Reni. There is just too much nonsense in this game for me to like it very much. I am putting myself through hell and back every time I do a Save, but since I want the experience of obtaining EVERY EXISTING OBTAINABLE Special Vehicle in ALL of the GTA Games, I must force myself to do so many Saves. I have 9 in LCS, for instance and STILL NOT DONE. The problem with a lot of the Games and the reason I need so many Saves is the damn storage space being so low. 13 can be stored in III, 44 in VC, 77 in SA, 12 in LCS, 12 in VCS, 10 in IV, 16 in TLaD, 16 in TBoGT, 14 in CW, and 35 in V. As you can see, it's really only VC and SA that give the player so much storage space, thus no need for so many Saves but games like LCS/VCS with only 12 spots, yet 100+ Special Vehicles, it takes a LONG TIME until you manage to obtain them all and have to do so many Saves with 12 in each to get them all...

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I can feel most of what you said.

And you got my respects, never seen such a dedicated player like you :cookie:


This would of have been an easier chore if instead of gaming on a PS3 I'd game on a PSP or a Vita, I normally don't touch any game that isn't VC/LCS these days (I could own any other GTA on my PC, I own SA, VC and III atm) as there's a lot more stuff added onto the PS2/3. So I'm gonna re-do my starter saves without getting busted/wasted and with the slightest mission attempts but I won't rush it, I'll take it easy.

Edited by SMACKED!

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Lethal Vaccine

Once you get better and have more experience, you'll find all the Starter Saves rather easy with the exception of SA and IV. SA and IV are the only harder ones, while IV is even harder than SA since SA gives you a 4 Star Wanted Level and IV gives you a 6 Star Wanted Level. The other 8 Starter Saves (III, VC, LCS, VCS, TLaD, TBoGT, CW, and V) are rather easy once you do them once and give no Wanted Level whilst you do tasks in locked territory. The second time, or even third time through just goes quicker and smoother. Practice makes perfect. Good luck on going through them all again! ;)

Edited by MorsPrincipiumEst

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Today I completed my VCS PS2 Starter Save! So here are the Stats:


Criminal Rating - Hatchetman

Percentage Completed - 49.2%
Mission Attempts - 10
Current Playing Time - 0:00
Total Playing Time - 7:28
Days Passed in Game - 20
Number of Saves - 7
Rampages Passed - 35 out of 35
Red Balloons Burst - 99 out of 99
People you've Wasted - 1025
Number of Necks Snapped - 0
People Wasted by Others - 21
Cars Exploded - 108
Boats Destroyed - 1
Aircraft Destroyed - 0
Tires Popped with Gunfire - 54
Total Wanted Levels Attained - 70
Total Wanted Levels Evaded - 44
Times you've been Busted - 0
Times you've been Wasted - 0
Number of Headshots - 39
Daily Police Spending - $77909.00
Least Favorite Gang - Sharks
Gang Members Wasted - 760
Criminals Wasted - 6
Kgs of Explosives Used - 100
Bullets Fired - 4474
Bullets that Hit - 2966
Accuracy - 66%
Distance travelled on Foot (Miles) - 17.57
Distance travelled by Swimming (Miles) - 0.14
Distance travelled by Car (Miles) - 114.36
Distance travelled by Bike (Miles) - 119.21
Distance travelled by Boat (Miles) - 7.49
Distance travelled by Air (Miles) - 7.40
Total Distance travelled (Miles) - 266.16
Longest Insane Jump Distance (m) - 177.00
Greatest Insane Jump Height (m) - 23.00
Maximum Insane Jump Flips - 1
Maximum Insane Jump Rotation - 353°
Greatest Insane Stunt - Perfect Double Insane Stunt
Unique Jumps Passed - 36 out of 36
Longest Wheelie Time (Secs) - 0
Longest Wheelie Distance (m) - 0.00
Longest Stoppie Time (Secs) - 0
Longest Stoppie Distance (m) - 0.00
Longest Face Plant (m) - 0.00
Longest 2 Wheels Time (Secs) - 0
Longest 2 Wheels Distance (m) - 0.00
Total Vigilante Justice Served - 104
Highest 'Vigilante' Level - 15
Total Fares Dropped off - 22
Cash Made as a Taxi Driver - $5103.00
Patients Saved - 120
Highest 'Paramedic' Level - 15
Total Fires Extinguished - 106
Highest 'Firefighter' Level - 15
Most Damage Caused in 'Rush' - $1995.00
Fastest Time in 'Playground on the Town' - 1:19
Fastest Time in 'Playground on the Point' - 1:15
Fastest Time in 'Playground on the Dock' - 0:57
Fastest Time in 'Playground on the Park' - 1:03
Sanchez Time Trial
Course 1 Fastest Time - 1:39
Course 1 Fastest Lap - 0:32
Course 2 Fastest Time - 1:23
​Course 2 Fastest Lap - 0:26
Course 3 Fastest Time - 1:58
​Course 3 Fastest Lap - 0:38
Course 4 Fastest Time - 1:08
​Course 4 Fastest Lap - 0:22
Course 5 Fastest Time - 1:24
​Course 5 Fastest Lap - 0:27
Course 6 Fastest Time - 2:08
​Course 6 Fastest Lap - 0:42
Course 7 Fastest Time - 2:04
​Course 7 Fastest Lap - 0:40
Course 8 Fastest Time - 1:57
​Course 8 Fastest Lap - 0:38
Course 9 Fastest Time - 1:57
Course 9 Fastest Lap - 0:38
Course 10 Fastest Time - 2:45
​Course 10 Fastest Lap - 0:54
Course 11 Fastest Time - 2:49
​Course 11 Fastest Lap - 0:56
Course 12 Fastest Time - 2:42
​Course 12 Fastest Lap - 0:53
Maximum Air (m) - 7.80
BMX Time Trial
Course 1 Fastest Time - 1:08
Course 1 Fastest Lap - 0:21
Course 2 Fastest Time - 1:15
​Course 2 Fastest Lap - 0:24
Course 3 Fastest Time - 1:09
​Course 3 Fastest Lap - 0:22
Course 4 Fastest Time - 1:25
​Course 4 Fastest Lap - 0:28
Course 5 Fastest Time - 1:36
​Course 5 Fastest Lap - 0:30
Course 6 Fastest Time - 1:31
​Course 6 Fastest Lap - 0:30
Course 7 Fastest Time - 1:27
​Course 7 Fastest Lap - 0:27
Course 8 Fastest Time - 2:16
​Course 8 Fastest Lap - 0:45
Maximum Air (m) - 2.70
Quad Time Trial
Course 1 Fastest Time - 1:10
Course 1 Fastest Lap - 0:22
Course 2 Fastest Time - 1:12
​Course 2 Fastest Lap - 0:23
Course 3 Fastest Time - 1:14
​Course 3 Fastest Lap - 0:23
Course 4 Fastest Time - 1:16
​Course 4 Fastest Lap - 0:24
Maximum Air (m) - 3.90
'Caddy Daddy' Fastest Time - 5:38
'Caddy Daddy' Fastest Lap - 1:50
'Caddy Daddy' Maximum Air (m) - 3.30
Fish Fed - 0
Pay 'n' Spray Visits - 0
Weapon Budget - $0.00
Auto Repair and Painting Budget - $0.00
Property Destroyed - $665167.00
Highest Media Attention - Vice Courier Front Page
Outfit Changes - 0

Vic is wearing the Army Fatigues.

Vic has the following Weapons and Ammo:
Molotov - 70
Python - 12-6
Stubby Shotgun - 185
SMG - 537-30
M4 - 418-30
Flamethrower - 10-50
Laser-Sighted Sniper Rifle - 114-7

Vic has $127214 in his pockets.

This Starter Save was awesome! I could've done it in 4 Safehouse Visits if I really wanted to instead of 7. I could've had less Total Playing Time. Also, this is the best Taxi Driver Run I've ever done in VCS. I literally completed it with 22 Fares, which is awesome.

The 10 Mission Attempts are: Soldier, 4 Playground Missions, Rush!, Paramedic, Firefighter, Vigilante, Taxi Driver.

The Time Trials and Caddy Daddy don't give any Mission Attempts.

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Lethal Vaccine

Thanks for confirming what exactly counted and registered in the Stats as a Mission Attempt. Also, awesome Stats for the Safehouse Visits and Total Playing Time! HALF as many as I got, and also 1 Hour and 2 Minutes quicker! The Safehouse Visits is pretty easy, but getting that low of Total Playing Time is just insane. It helps I guess to just remain on the East Island and do as much as possible. The more times you need to save and go back to Fort Baxter and go back to the East Island yet again all adds up little by little...


You used the Yankee Method to get to the East Island or a different Method like BMX Method or the Teleport Trick where the game teleports you to Leaf Links Golf Club?


If I were to redo mine, I know I'd also have 6 to 9 Safehouse Visits instead of the 15 I have now. It's just I don't care to. It's good enough :D:p


About Taxi Fares, I had to do 28 until it was passed when I reached $5,000.

Edited by MorsPrincipiumEst

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I used the Yankee Starfish Island Method. I've heard of the Teleport Trick but could never do it, also I haven't heard of a BMX Method...

Thing is, that Total Playing Time could've been much lower if I made smarter approaches and decisions, but it's still insane as it is.

Edited by SpriteFan274

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Lethal Vaccine


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Lennart -

Okay, finally I have done my starter save. VCS is sh*t.

It took me four days to complete the save and the stats aren't as good as Sprite's because I feared loosing like 2h because of failing. Thus 5 saves.

But see yourself. I have not used ppsspp. All has been done on my ps vita which is why I can't even use ppsspp.




I won't post thee rest of my stats. It's a waste of time and they are sh*t.


The following has been completed:



Taxi Driver
Playground on the Town
Playground on the Point
Sanchez Time Trials
BMX Time Trials
Quad Bike Time Trials
99 Red Balloons
30 Rampages
30 Unique Stunt Jumps

Edited by Lennart -

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Awesome work, Lennart! I'd appreciate if you show us the Savehouse Visits from your PSP to prove that you have 5 Numbers of Saves.

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Lennart -

Thank you :)

Yours is still better anyways, 4 is just unbeatable...


I wished I had an english psp that would accept ppsspp saves... ((JK) I am not a cheater. )


EDIT: I found a way to keep the weapons after getting kicked out of Fort Baxter.

No idea where to post it so I posted it here. If there is interest in further explanations, let me know.

Edited by Lennart -

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