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Happy 25th Anniversary Grand Theft Auto!

[WIP|BETA|SA] GTA: Underground - Mod Discussion


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Is the cleo update to cleo+ so as coordinates to store from cj for sanny builder. I'll be happy to make such a mission.


And also is saac 1.2 trainer working with second player. I know your past mod work after snapshot 3.2

It will be great.

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Where to find UG weapons? I only found fire axe at Fire Department in Los Santos, but for the others - I have 0 clue. 

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5 hours ago, vladald1 said:

Where to find UG weapons? I only found fire axe at Fire Department in Los Santos, but for the others - I have 0 clue. 

They can be found all around San Andreas, Vice City and Liberty City











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Hi! Since you folks fixed regular SA vehicles and even added new pickup weapons there, is it planned on adding the missing PS2 props in San Andreas such as the missing chinese lamps next to the Four Dragons in LV? Thanks.

Edited by mourthss
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14 minutes ago, gongel said:

I  join the question asked by mourthss.  I would like to thank you for your time to create this big amazing modification. 


What's the name of  the HUD? Looks cool!

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Will the 4.1.7. Storyline saves work with 4.2? 🤔
Storyline files are the same or there is a new relase to put in?

Edited by Mrspy1
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Hey Do You Plan On Porting Voice Like Fliming Them Changing MP4 TO MP3 If Not I Will Also I'm Making a Two Player Mod Can You Put It On your website



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3 hours ago, Gulf_PL said:

Hello. How to activate offline missions in the underground?

You need to download "Storyline mode.rar" from the following link (as featured in the follow-up to this topic's original post, under "Optional mods" in the 'Downloads' section):

On 3/16/2015 at 6:41 PM, dkluin said:

In order to enable the GTA: San Andreas single-player campaign/storyline mode, you need to extract the contents of the aforementioned RAR archive and move "main.scm" and "script.img" into the "script" folder (located in the "data" folder of your GTA: Underground directory), replacing/overwriting the original files there. That should render the story missions from GTA: SA playable in Snapshot 4 branch of GTA: Underground.


For reference, here's a direct preview of the [official] instructions found within the RAR archive:

"Storyline mode\readme.txt"
These two files will allow you to play the GTA: San Andreas storyline with all of the GTA: Underground features intact.
To install this, simply replace the files inside the data/script directory with these ones and you will be able to play the storyline!

IMPORTANT: Savegames from the storyline mode are NOT interchangable with the default 'sandbox' experience UG offers by default.



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Hello everyone, i have a bug in the mission "Burning Desire" 
the molotov cocktel does not appear on the map, 
the house cannot therefore be set on fire without the molotov being picked up 
and the mission cannot be finished.



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Hi, how to install project 2dfx in snapshot 4.2?  can someone explain to me in a simple way?  I'm not very experienced

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