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Bury the Hatchet mission not showing up?

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So, I finished the mission "Surveying the Score" which should unlock Bury the Hatchet. Well, there are no missions for either Trevor or Michael. Only Strangers & Freaks missions. Franklin is the only one who has storyline missions, but that shouldn't trigger anything because Bury the Hatchet is for Trevor and Michael. I keep switching between them both and just walking around in free mode, but nothing. What do I do? I don't remember this happening when I played this on PS3 a year ago.

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You need to do the mission "Deep inside" with Franklin first. I hope this helps.

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I’ll post this because none of the other sites mentioned this crucial fact or made it clear that this is required to trigger the mission.


The actual trigger for this mission to start, is for Michael to sit on his sofa.  He needs to be in his house (“M” on the map), and to walk into his living room and stand in front of the sofa, whereupon he immediately sits down on it to relax.  That’s when Trevor walks in and the cut-scene starts.  It could be that GTA V finds some other way to force Michael to start the mission, but I had to do it manually.


One walkthrough site mentioned that “While Michael is sitting on his sofa, Trevor walks into the room”.  So I figured I would make Michael walk into the living room and go sit on the sofa, and voila, the mission started.

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You can start this mission even with Trevor.

Trevor will fly to North Yankton and Michael use airlines.

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