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How to create a Winning Recruitment Thread.

Recommended Posts


Welcome to the Recruitment forum!


How to create a Winning Recruitment Thread.

Ok, so you want to recruit to your Crew.

That’s cool, go ahead and post a thread in the GTA Forums Recruitment Section



It is recommended that you give some thought and put some effort into the Opening Post (OP) of your thread.

Remember, you are competing with hundreds of other crews, from all over the world, and each one is as keen as you are to recruit members. It’s a tough world out there and half-assed recruitment threads will soon sink without trace, no matter how many times you bump it.

So, you need to put some marketing spin into your OP; You gotta sell it baby!

Think “W.I.N” Yes you want your thread to win but W. I.N. is an acronym for What, Interest and Need.

  • WHAT. What is it about your crew that sets it apart from the others? What are your special or unique selling points? What are the reasons for candidates to want to join you? What can you offer new recruits? What are your goals and ambitions for the crew?
  • INTEREST. Make your OP interesting. Use imagery, bullet points, structured paragraphs and write your information in an exciting manner. This: “hey, join my crew for lols” is a waste of time. If your crew doesn't look and sound interesting to potential recruits, it will fail. Look at the popular recruitment threads in the section, not the ones with one or two replies; look at the ones with hundreds of replies. Look at the OP of those threads. That’s what you’re competing with and that’s what you need to emulate if you want your crew to succeed.
  • NEED. As with any form of advertising, your primary goal is to make your potential candidate NEED to be in your crew. You must sell yourself in such a way that potential candidates will fall over themselves in the mad scramble to join your crew. You achieve this by combining the WHAT and INTEREST elements above (which are facts) and adding inducements such as actual ranked positions available, fast track promotional systems, rewards for skilful play and loyalty, prizes, promos and other benefits to the potential candidate. You have to make your reader NEED to join you.

Dozens of crews spring up every day like mushrooms in a damp field. At the same time dozens of crews wither and die simply because their leaders don’t put enough effort in. Follow the simple philosophy above and hopefully your crew will flourish and succeed.

So, follow The Recruitment Rules, pour your heart and soul into your OP, and knock 'em dead!

Topic Rules

  • Provide a Social Club link - Members are going to need a link to your crew's page if they hope to join.
  • List your platform(s) - What's the point in applying if we can't play together? Listing your platforms is common sense.
  • One topic only - You may only run one Recruitment topic, even if your crew/gang has more than one platform or chapter.
  • Only bump once a week - If your Recruitment topic has been a little quiet, you're allowed to make a post to "bump" your topic to the top of the list but only once a week (once in any seven day period).


Edited by Artisan Tiger
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