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Need help on certain performance issues. (PC)



I'd like to start off by saying I have also got GTA SA which runs fine, and I have tried running GTA 3 in different compatibility mode.

There's two problems I have.

I'll start with the first one, whenever I use my touchpad/mouse to move the camera, the game just does a small freeze everytime I touch it, since I use it all the time the game is extremely laggy and it's annoying.


The only way I can fix it is by turning off frame limiter, which leads to another problem.


Claude randomly loses health and flys across the road when I have this on, having him killed or a huge loss of health, it's annoying, especially when it happens unexpectedly.


If anyone can help me with either of these two problems I'd be very greatful.





I don't seeing the specs as relevent but I put it here anyway.

Processor: Intel® Core i3-4030U CPU @ 1.90GHz (4 CPUs), ~1.9GHz


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3 answers to this question

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Try turning on V-sync instead, which will lock the frame rate to your monitor refresh rate if you have powerful enough hardware. You'll still have occasional problems with Claude flying across the street when running down stairs and other small bugs, but the game is so much better at 60 FPS that I think it's worth the trade off.


Make sure you install SilentPatch, and 2DFX looks really good as well.

Edited by Helegad

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Im having a problem too,i think that its the audio,and even on collisions,lots of lag spikes happens,its strange,my pc can run gta iv without probs,i dont know why,could somebody help me?

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Try to set the audio hardware to Dsound3D software emulation.
It fixed all my performance issues.

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