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[DOC] GTA SA modding book

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GTA SA modding book


This documentation covers important points on how the GTA SA game engine works and the job performed by various internal files. Arguably the greatest feature of the GTA SA Engine is its ability to render different weathers and permit advanced scripting with a lot of possibilities. Scripters can make complex missions: 1640 opcodes are available to use in scripts. IFP files allow the creation of animations which can be applied to pedestrians with SCM opcodes either in cutscenes or map objects. The player's wanted level can reach a maximum of six stars, similar to the previous installments GTA III and GTA: Vice City. In contrast to Vice City though where the player character drowns immediately in water, swimming is possible in GTA SA. The engine can render various effects. Vehicles are destructible and cars tunable. Garages and interiors can be added in IPL files. The player's money can range from (-10^9+1) to (10^9-1). The game features various weapons and as many as 10 can be carried at one time. Some weapons are mutually exclusive; for example the shovel and the baseball bat. Advanced path files control routes, including traffic lights for vehicles and pedestrians. The game map is subdivided into various zones whose upper and lower extents are specified by coordinates in IPL files. Models used for police peds and vehicles depend on the town zones of which there are 3 (LS, LV and SF in standard game). GTA SA uses a compact save file format that stores the most important data like weather, global variables, player info and so forth. The radar contains a lot of information and helps the player find points of interest on the map which are generated through SCM scripts.

Author: fastman92

Quantity: 180 pages
Book download: https://www.mediafire.com/?pn8yd98dntg4mlw

I started writing this book in 2011 and never had a time to finish it. Edited by fastman92
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Good if you have your internet connection lost :)

Also nice tips for ENB users :)

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Good book bro :)

Nicely done.

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Good work there. Would be cool to have an online version of it published, for example, via Gitbook.

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It's more than a simple book, nicely done.

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I don't if it is the right topic to post. But can you help me how to add MPACKS missions? I was meaning that how can I mod MPACK missions. Is there a way that I can increase my C++ skill in GTA modding?

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Nice work indeed. 180 pages that for me was worth reading.

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