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The Yakuza

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98 in 1

with the release of Ghostface being just on the horizon, i might as well start with him. he sucks just like every other licensed killer sans Michael and is gonna need some serious buffs for him to be even remotely viable. i, like many others, didn't think it was possible for BHVR to create a killer as bad as Freddy yet here we are yet again (Legion was just as sh*t). speaking of Fredrick, his upcoming changes should lift him out of the worst killer status he's held since his inception, which is nice. maybe we'll get buffs for Leatherface and Pig sometime in the next 2 years or so, which leads into my main gripe with DBD as a whole...


BHVR is painfully f*cking slow at changing anything when it comes to the game. i don't know if you saw the 3rd anniversary stream but their roadmap for the game for the next year is promising yet at the same time disappointing because the things that the game desperately need are eons away. rank rewards, addon reworks for Billy and Nurse, fixing Leatherface's bugged chainsaw and addons, map fixes (imagine reworking Springwood before Haddonfield), sound issues that continue to plague the game after every large update, matchmaking issues, the grind (i have 700 something hours and still don't have any killer kitted out fully, it's mostly my fault cause i mainly play survivor but regardless, the grind in this game is f*cking atrocious and needs to be lessened, especially with a cast of its size now) i could go on for ages. the fact that it takes them actual months to squash bugs in the game and even longer to make absolutely necessary balance changes hurts the game immensely because only those that are truly infatuated with the game bother to stick around. if DBD had an actual competitor in it's genre it would have been dead a long time ago just due to BHVR's snail-like pace of updating the game.


also dedicated servers is probably gonna be the death of DBD until proper new content comes out for a while, mark my words

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I agree, Ghostface's power from what we've seen so far really sucks, so bad he might as well just be called "Man with knife". Freddy re-work looks REALLY good and what takes him out of sh*t tier is his gen transport. I think what makes a good killer these days is the ability to continually put on good map pressure with the ability to end chases quickly and I think Freddy 2.0 will bring that. What type of buffs would you like to see with Leatherface? 


I've definitely noticed some bugs that's been in there for nearly an entire chapter or more, like the damn side bus window not being able to fast vault it. I felt pretty underwhelmed with the roadmap, I mean I'm glad they're still going to push content for the next year but like you, thinking of the grind has me feeling burnt out already. They really need to allow us to at least buy 2 perks in each bloodweb otherwise it takes around 7-8M bps just to get all perks at tier 3 for each character. The game and its learning curve to learn all of the killers, perks, etc can be very overwhelming for new players that probably don't stick around so they definitely need to make this game a little more user friendly. I was also surprised to see there wouldn't be a rank rework until like another 9 months or so, I also hope they add in Devotion rewards for players who still play the game and support it (I'm devotion 12 at the moment).


I know dedicated servers are going to be far from perfect upon initial release, for me as a survivor I think it will be an improvement because of my location. I'm constantly getting paired with people in Japan and playing games between 220-280 ping, Imagine being that dedicated to this game playing with that ping. Dedicated servers are going to be frustrating for killer since they are used to playing on 0 ping to have delay on precision based characters like huntress and nurse, but hopefully with the cosmetic money they can keep improving it or prioritize it because its really going to impact players game play a lot.  It would be wise of them to allow us to pick a region so it will pair us with the best servers.


Also in the time writing this they released PTB changes to Ghostface, sure does sound a hell of a lot better than last weeks PTB Ghostface but we'll see when people can test him.


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98 in 1

Leatherface's Chili addon has been broken since he's been release, it literally does nothing. since the release of Legion i think his chainsaw has been bugged on successful hits, he has a painfully long slowdown after successfully hitting a survivor with it that wasn't there before, and the best part is is the devs swear up and down that it's not an issue when it very clearly is. makes an already weak killer even weaker. in terms of buffs for him i feel like the slowdown he gets when charging his saw is a little too much, i'm not saying remove it completely but if it was lessened a bit he'd be a lot better. that and adding hitboxes throughout the entire chainsaw sequence instead of 4 separate swipes like it is now, it's silly that the last swipe doesn't count even though it clearly should.


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I only played leatherface to get his chapter achievements and I really didn't like him. I know his power is only decent with beast marks and grease but didn't realize his chili add-on was bugged. I'd get mostly annoyed when I'd back rev survivors with my chainsaw fully then release it only to have him put the chainsaw back down. I don't see the devs reworking him since they probably have to go through the license and I know its a lot of work, hence why Freddy took over a year. I think they made more than enough money with him for people leveling him up for BBQ vs the Nightmare chapter which has a pretty crap survivor and killer all together.

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you thought



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